Tomb Raider: Chronicles Credits

Core Design LTD.

ProgrammersMartin Gibbins, Derek Leigh-Gilchrist
A.I. ProgrammingTom Scutt
AnimatorsJerr O'Carroll, Phil Chapman
Level DesignersAndrea Cordella, Richard Morton, Andrew Sandham, Joby Wood
FMV SequencesEx Machina
Additional ArtworkDamon Godley, John W. Lilley
Music & Sound FXPeter Connelly
Voiceover ProductionAll In The Game Ltd.
Original StoryRichard Morton, Andrew Sandham
ScriptAndrew Sandham
ProducerAndrew Watt
QAStuart Abrahart, Nick Connolly, Hayos Fatunmbi, Paul Field, Steve Wakeman, David Ward, Jason Churchman, Benjamin Twose
Thanks toJoe Scutt-Phillips
Executive ProducersJeremy Heath-Smith, Adrian E. Smith

Eidos Interactive US

ProducerMike Schmitt
QA ManagerBrian M. King
Lead TesterFranklin Vasquez
Assistan Lead TesterMike Orenich
QANevin Chou, Carlo Delallana, Daniel Franklin, Fernando Robles, Tamara A. Williamson, Nicholas Wilson, Clifton Wherry
Special ThanksMichael R. Kelly, Sutton Trout, Paul Baldwin, David Cox, Nicholas Earl, Robert K. Dyer, Mike Kawahara, James Poole
Package DesignMoore Design Group
Manual LayoutHanshaw Ink & Image

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Credits for this game were contributed by Pyrple (668)