Level 7: The Sacred Lake, Level 8: Temple of Karnak (part2)Contributed by Syed GJ (1579) on Jul 09, 2001.


Climb up out of the pit and head outside. Here you will encounter a large Lizard and a couple of Bats, so climb up onto a rock and take them out from relative safety. Head left and you should see another Lizard. Kill it until it is dead and follow the path around to the right, down into the water. Swim straight-ahead and climb out onto the beach. Kill all the Crocs and Lizards and run along the beach.

Head up the slope and around to the right, enter the stone doorway and kill the Bats inside. Run towards the torch and drop into the hole, walk to the edge of the ledge and face the giant bamboo cane. You now need to walk off of the edge, start sliding and then jump to the cane as you reach the bottom of the slope. Climb up the cane and turn your back to the other one as you near the top. Now press jump and you should land on the platform of the other cane. Climb to the top of this and backflip onto the ledge. Jump up into the hole and crawl along the tunnel, drop down on the other side and pull the chain to open the gate outside.

Head back to the bamboo canes, slide down them as far as you can and then drop into the water. Follow the tunnel to re-emerge in the lake outside. Opening the gate has released two more crocodiles so climb out onto the beach and blast them. Now swim through the open gate into the central structure. There is a hole at the bottom of the lake and stone slab covering another hole. The covered hole is the one you want to enter. To open it you need to find the lever that is underneath the stone block opposite the gate you have just swam through. Pull it and with your lungs full of air, swim down into the hole.

Pull open the door at the bottom and follow the narrow tunnel along, when you reach a T-junction, turn left and then right to find some much-needed air. Now swim back down and then immediately up. You should be in a room with a mirror on the wall, Look at the ceiling of the room in the mirror and you should see a hidden hole. Swim up to this hole and climb out. Follow the tunnel to find the second Canopic jar.

Return to the water and make your way back to the lake. Swim down through the second hole and follow the passage to finish the level.


The under water tunnel you are in brings you back to the Temple of Karnak. Find the two statues and put the second Canopic jar into it's hole at the back of the statue. Doing this will partially freeze the water in the next room so you can walk on it. Climb the steps behind the big statue on the other side of the water and head along the tunnel behind it. Climb up into the next room and walk to the edge of the hole.

Look down into the water and kill the two Crocs swimming about. Now dive in and collect the ammo lying around. Swim into the tunnel beneath the two pillars and push the button at the end. Now swim out and collect the Sun Goddess statue and the Hypostyle Key.

You now have to retrace your steps back to the two pipe smoking statues that froze the water earlier, through he narrow tunnel and out into the court-yard with the giant Needle. Be ready to kill some bad guys who will be waiting for you. Head to the Hypostyle hall to exit this level. If you can remember how to get there, look at the end of level 5.

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