Tomb Raider Screenshots (PlayStation)

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A rocky area
Inside a temple
Intro to the first level
Shooting at a wolf from a safe distance.
Pulling a block.
A wolf is attacking.
Surprising a bear in its... stable?
Underwater, pulling a lever that opens the door to a secret room.
This item is needed to open the exit of the second level.
In front of a temple
Avoid those swinging axes!
In the lost valley, Lara is attacked by raptors...
... and a T-Rex!
The Greatest Hits release of Tomb Raider featured demos of Tomb Raider 2 and Fighting force.
Title Screen.
Kill the bear!
Ancient bridge
Aztec's calendar?
Underground swimming pool
Half air
Run, Lara, run!
Bad wolves!
This crystal means "save point" I can save my progress and continue from here.
Staying on this pad can make the door open.
Inventory screen: I can see the compass and other items that I have collected.
Lara's home: The library.
Lara's home: The music room, it has a mat to practice jumps.
I have too much things to unpack.
Lara jumps into the pool.