Transport Tycoon Credits

Digital Amusement Ltd

ProgrammingChris Cheetham, Ian Richards, Mat Cook, Ian Richards, Dave Faller
Graphics John Cassells
Intro animationDan Cook
ProducersGrant Dean, James Hawkins
Product ManagerAdrian Turner
Music ComposerJohn Broomhall
Audio ProducerJohn Broomhall
Original Sound DesignAndrew Parton
Playstation SFX Production PC Music
Quality Assurance Lead TesterDaniel Luton
TestersDonald Witcombe, Yasuo Kojima, Jamie Toghill, Neil McEwan
Manual Written and Edited byAlkis Alkiviades
Additional Editing by Justin Manning
Special Thanks toJaqui Lyons


CD Music ProductionDavid Pick

Original Version

Game DesignChristopher Sawyer
Programming Christopher Sawyer
GraphicsSimon Foster
AnimationSimon Foster
Original MusicJohn Broomhall
Sound DesignAndrew Parton
ProgrammingAndrew Parton

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Credits for this game were contributed by Barbarian_bros (12476)