Turbo Prop Racing Credits


CodingWilliam Burdon, Morten B Ofstad, Paul N. Stapley
Additional CodingMichael Braithwaite
VisionSam Coates, Julian Hughes-Watts, Paul Mulliner, Mark Prettyman, Emil Sergiev, Steve Weymouth, Adrian White
SoundJason Page
Original ConceptAnthony Bray, William Burdon
ProducingPascal Jarry, Richard Skews
Assistant ProducerDaniel Boutros
Team LeaderPascal Jarry
SoundtrackApollo Four Forty
QA ManagerTony Bourne
Head of Internal TestingSteven Archer
Internal Test Co‑OrdinatorJim McCabe
Internal TestersDominic Berzins, John Cassidy, Craig Duddle, Phil Green, Peter Hartley, Kay Hounsell, Dee Wiswell, Mark Stephenson, Mark Young, Lisa Williams, Ben King
ManualRichard Skews
Packaging & Manual DesignNadim Othman
Special ThanksMaggi & Ian, Richard Milner, Paul Holman, Vince Diesi, Colin Hughes, David Virapen, Deniz, Dom, Simon Roberts, everyone at SCEE, the world's largest soft drinks budget and volume dials

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Credits for this game were contributed by //dbz: (5311) and Corn Popper (69553)