Uprising X Credits (PlayStation)

Uprising X PlayStation An imperial citadel


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Uprising X Credits


Lead ProgrammerSimon Everett
ProgrammersLarry Lien, Chris MacDonald, Brad McKee, Peter Young
Lead ArtistAndrew Gilmour
ArtistsMichael Janov, Carlos Hernandez, Chris Donovan, Michael O'Rourke
Additional Art WorkBrandon Bickford
DesignersDavid Dodge, J. Epps, Marcus Montgomery, Eric Simonich, Mary Parker, Helmut Kobler
Team ManagementKudo Tsunoda, Lloyd Kinoshita, Kelly Turner
AudioBurke Trieschmann, Tony Mills, Kent Carter, Matt Campagna
VoiceWalter Fields, Marie Shell, Allen Waterous
QAJacob Rohrer, Andrew Patania, Dominic Guastavino, Alex Goldberg, Yoshi Maeda, Chip Gracia, Randy Ruckel, David A. Lucca, Shiloh Anacleto, Jesse Anacleto, Sean Wyman, Lee Crawford, Shaun Reilly, Justin Mateo, Matt McCoy, Randy Smaha, William Choulos, Yannick Slipack, Oliver Daos, Jack Kealy, Greg Macaloo
Special ThanksTrip Hawkins, Lisa MacMillan, Holly Hartz, Bill Lynn, Tuesday Uhland, Lauren Larsen, Jesse Stirling, Ivania Angel, Michelle Lewis, Maria Toepfer, Randy Garland, Glen A. Cureton, Joshua Milligan, Aaron F. Castro, Ted Chapman, Phillip Co, Matthew Kimberling, Ann MacDonald, Shahasp Valentine, Charlene Gilmour, Melvina Lube, Cindy Epps, Leigh Nacpil, Wendy Yu, Britt Morris, Zak Krefting, Flower Iqbal, Jason Young, Andres Noriega, Rich Cowan, Lia Marshall, Robert Vawter, Libby Lampert ('Whap!'), Cheng Sinned, Jose Chinchilla, Erin Quinn, Susan Kelly, Matt O'Rourke, John Eberhardt, Maurice Jackson, Charlie Alberts, Nerve Factor, Lance Lewis, James Purple Hampton, Alex Tsunoda, Scott Smith ('Rollerboy'), Angus, The Hernandez Family, The Lien Family, Greg MacWay ('GT')

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Credits for this game were contributed by Macs Black (80168)