Written by  :  Dr.Bedlam (56)
Written on  :  Dec 07, 2002
Platform  :  PlayStation

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Even better than its predecessor.

The Good

Second Offense plays very much like its predecessor, but better. When you destroy an opposing vehicle, icons appear in the wreckage -- driving over these icons adds them to YOUR vehicle abilities, thus adding a sort of "experience meter" to the game. There are more secrets than before, and new and different special moves. Oh, and now you can customize the look of your vehicle! Furthermore, since the plot deals with enemies from the future, there are now several new upgrades for vehicles, including Hover Mode and Amphibious Mode. It's also backwards compatible with the old game -- put in Second Offense, and then hit PAUSE, and take out the game disc. Put in the old Vigilante 8 game disc. After a few minutes, it will inform you that it has uploaded. Remove the V8 game disc and put in the V8: Second Offense disc. You will now find that ALL battlefields from BOTH games are now available in arcade mode!

The Bad

Its complexity really demands a manual. For example, in one scenario, you are called upon to rob a train. How? Turns out you shoot the train with your machine gun, and briefcases will pop out of it. You collect the briefcases, and move on to your next objective. In another scene, you must collect objects hanging in the trees in the Louisiana bayou. How? Turns out you must drive over to the two bridges and shoot the little valve wheels -- this raises the bridges, floods the forest, and if you are in Amphibious Mode, you have a few minutes to drive around the woods collecting the objects, which are now at driver's level. Watch out for the alligator! It's a great game, but if you don't know enough about it, it can be frustrating. If not for tips on the Internet, I'd never have finished it.

The Bottom Line

It's a driving shooter with a plot. You take the roles of various characters in the game, and carry out missions (or, in Arcade Mode, just pick a vehicle, pick some enemies, and start blasting away!). One or two players. Assorted fully destructible battlefields (including Las Vegas, a western ghost town, and Hoover Dam) all add to the fun.