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Viper (PlayStation)

Critic Score
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
User Score
5 point score based on user ratings.

Viper Credits


ProgrammingMichael Büttner
Graphics/Level DesignThomas Heinrich, Michael Detert, Michael Endres
MoviesThomas Heinrich, Jens Rotzsche
Add. GraphicsJens Baumgardt, Urs Basteck, Jens Rotzsche
Original VersionStefan Krake, Olaf Liesenfeld
Co‑ordinatorIsabell Weidemann
Graphics / ArtworkJens Baumgardt, Michael Detert, Michael Endres, Thomas Heinrich
SoundThomas Detert
MusicThomas Detert, 2DB, Thomas Detert
Additional MusicFabian Del Priore
SFXMichael Detert, Kai Neugebauer


ProducerLee Edmondson, Marc Crane
Add. ProducerMichael Delves, Lee Clare
Team leaderPaul Johnson
TestersJohn Brooks, Steven Aspinwall, Stuart Arrowsmith, Kelvin Cannon-Brown, Ryan Wooldridge
MarketingInfogrames UK
English ManualJohn Brooks
Special thanks toNeon, Activate Music Prod. Doc Danner, Deborah Paquin, Vanessa, Helge, Inge, Götz, Wonz, Anke

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