Written by  :  MasterMegid (902)
Written on  :  Sep 21, 2006
Platform  :  PlayStation
Rating  :  1.5 Stars1.5 Stars1.5 Stars1.5 Stars1.5 Stars

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Not A Very Good Sequel

The Good

Wild Arms 2nd Ignition is not really a sequel at all. Like Final Fantasy games, it has nothing to do with the previous game. Which is lame, considering they could have made a better game if they had used Filgaia, the world of the first game.

In Wild Arms 2, you are Ashley, a young man, that like the hero of the original game can use ARMS. Which are ancient relics from a greater past civilization. (Phantasy Star IV any one?) In the beginning of the game like in WA1, you have to play the separate scenario of each of the three main PC’s. In addition to Ashley, there is Brad and ex-con with a heart of gold, and Lilka, the apprentice mage whom has a bit of a confidence problem.

Once Ashley and company join forces, they will have to stop a terrorist group from destroying the world. However as per many newer RPGS tend to do, there is a more sinister force at work here, more on this later.

While this game plays vaguely like the original, one would expect more from it’s sequel. The original Wild Arms is one of the Playstaion’s best RPGS. This poor attempt at a sequel is not, it is down with Legend of the Dragoon, as one of the weakest.

The setting is much more of a mix of fantasy and spaghetti western (You know like “A Fistful Of Dollars”.) than the original. An interesting idea, that could have been realized more.

In battle, you can attack, defend, run, use ARMS, and magic. Guardians return in WA2. And they let your party use magic, and can be summoned in battle.(Yes Guardians were in the first game, out dating FFVIII, by about 4 years.) These creatures are often gained by defeating them in battle, some of the hardest battles are the optional ones with these tough bastards.

The Graphics are pretty good. The inhabitants of the world are spite based, and more detailed than in the original. Towns have unique designs, like the magic village. While the world map is 3D, and looks pretty good all things considered. In battle your party is fully 3D, and much better looking than those in the original game. Unfortunately graphics do not make the game.

The music is weaker than that found in WA1. But it is still decent. I mean you may not want to buy the soundtrack but you also won’t need to turn down the volume. Sound effects do not stand out, but they hardly ever do in RPGS.

The Bad

Back to the plot. Well it starts off well enough. Terrorists trying to take over the world is not often used in RPGS. Towards the end however you find that they are not the main threat. And this is were the plot fails. It goes from original to trite by the end. Furthermore the plot of the terrorists does not make any sense once you know the plot twist.

There is also a plot line of Ashley talking to a hero a yore. A woman that once saved the world. As it turns out she is a whiny little bitch. And quickly gets annoying. What kind of hero whines that they could not have a normal life? (Maybe Anakin Skywalker.) They got to travel the world, and fight for it yet they want the 24 hour shtick like all the other rubes.

The game is too long. About 60 hours. This would not be so bad if not for the fact that the last 20 hours or so are not very good.

I hate the search for the town/dungeon thing. It is a waste of time, and is idiotic. How could you not see a freaking village that was right in front of you? I could see if the world was supposed to be mainly unexplored like in FFIX, or Skies Of Arcadia, but it is not, and those aforementioned games did not pull this.

The Bottom Line

I can not recommend this game. You would be better playing any of the PS’s better RPGS. Like Lunar 1& 2, The Suikoden series, Vandal Hearts, or Xenogears. Or simply play the original Wild Arms again…I think I will do just that.