Williams Arcade Classics (PlayStation)

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Critic Reviews

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The Video Game Critic
I had never even heard of Bubbles before, but this bizarre game won me over in a big way. As you guide a bubble around the sink, he grows as he collects other bubbles, but must avoid bugs and razors. Sinistar is pretty lame, but has the distinction of being the first video game to feature voice synthesis! As icing on the cake, this package includes fascinating and sometime hilarious interviews with the original programmers.
GamePro (US)
If you don't remember any game before Mortal Kombat, these antiques might scare you. But if you remember when it cost only a quarter to play, chances are you'll want Williams Arcade's Greatest Hits.
All Game Guide
For those of us who grew up playing these and other pieces of video game history down at the mall, Williams Arcade's Greatest Hits is more than a heavy dose of nostalgia. It's a whole lot of fun.
Electronic Gaming Monthly (EGM)
All of the titles are just like the originals using the same codes (a lot of old arcade tricks still work too!). However there is one problem, being the old-time gamer I am, I was very used to the old button configurations and joysticks to the original versions, so the games did take a bit of getting used to. I only wish the'd release "arcade classic" controllers.
Mega Fun
Die eigentlichen Gründe sich Williams Arcade‘s Greatest Hits zu kaufen, sind die beiden (drei) Spiele Defender/Defender 2 und Joust - und die Informationen und Interviews, die das Herz des Nostalgikers erfreuen. Dank äußerst simplem, einleuchtendem Spielprinzip können einen diese Klassiker auch heute noch für Stunden an den Bildschirm fesseln. Joust entfaltet seinen vollen Reiz vor allem im Zwei-Spieler-Modus. Die restlichen drei Spiele sind eher FülIwerk - was wenig verwunderlich ist, da Williams insgesamt gesehen nur recht bescheidene Mengen an Arcadespielen produziert hat und somit nach Defender und Joust nur noch Mittelmaß übrig geblieben ist. Positiv ist, daß alle Spiele komplett emuliert und nicht etwa neu programmiert wurden, und so sämtliche Tricks aus der Spielhalle immer noch funktionieren. Aber: Bedenkt, daß die Videospiele damals meist einen ziemlich hohen Schwierigkeitsgrad hatten.
Game Players
Of course, not everything is perfect in nostalgia land. If you missed these games the first time around in the arcades, you may have some trouble appreciating them. And the Playstation controller has some trouble recreating the arcade control interface in games like Defender and Robotron. But if you're interested in videogame history, classic gameplay or a stroll down memory lane. Williams' Arcade's Greatest Hits doesn't disappoint.
Video Games & Computer Entertainment
Also included on the disc is information and history about every one of the games. Learn about the people behind the classics before you play them. Williams Arcade Classics is a must for anyone who can remember pumping quarters into the outrageously difficult Defender at the local bowling alley. Flashback city, baby!