WipEout 3: Special Edition Credits


AuricomSasha for Balance Management UK, Charlie May (for ETC management)
Goteki 45Sasha for Balance Management UK, Charlie May
FeisarSasha for Balance Management UK, Charlie May
IcarasSasha for Balance Management UK, Charlie May
PirhanaSasha for Balance Management UK, Charlie May
XpanderSasha for Balance Management UK, Charlie May
Know Where to RunOrbital
AvenuePaul Van Dyk
Lethal CutPropellerheads
Under The InfluenceThe Chemical Brothers

Wipeout 3 Special Edition Team

ProducerPatrik McCormack
Lead ArtistNicholas Phillips
Art TeamBen Deveraux, Mat Garey, Josée Lupien, Andrew Walker
Lead ProgrammerNeil Paterson
ProgrammingGareth Preece
Lead DesignerMark McGinley
DesignJody Cobb, Kevin Finnigan, Scott Naylor
FMV Voice‑over ArtistHitomo Zushi

SCEE Studio Leeds

Executive ProducerJonathan Freedman
Head ProducerPhil Quirke-Webster
Head ArtistNicky Carus-Wescott
Head ProgrammerSam Brown
Head DesignerPaul Walker
Central Product ManagerEdna Carey
Group Product ManagerKevin McSherry
Public RelationsImogen Baker
Print ProductionLisa Rose, Natalie Norris
Manual WriterRussell Coburn
Manual ApprovalLee Travers, Peter Gawthorne
Test TeamDean Ashley, Colin Berry, Matthew Brooks, Richard Bunn, Alan McArdle, Paul Tweedle, Jason Platt, Shaun Durney, Paul French, Barclay Christmas, Christopher J. Speed, Mark O'Connor, Carl Seddon, Michael Aspinall
Exclusive Packaging Design byThe Designers Republic
Special Thanks toJuan Montes, Shawn Layden, YeonKyung Kim, Sasha, Alan Raistrick, Beverly Shaw, little Kane, George, all the rest at the Leeds Studio for their technical and emotional support
And a very special thanks tothe WO3 team, the WO3 Liverpool FMV team, and the pioneering Liverpool team for the creation of the WipEout and WipEout 2097 tracks

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Richard Bunn, 23 other games
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Nicky Carus-Wescott, 15 other games
Jonathan Freedman, 15 other games
Jody Cobb, 14 other games


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Credits for this game were contributed by Corn Popper (69437)