World League Soccer '98 Credits

Silicon Dreams

Managing DirectorGavin Cheshire
Operations ManagerRob Palfreman
Associate ProducerGary Reaney
PC PR ManagerRob Palfreman

Team Two

Lead Playstation ProgrammerRod Mack
Additional ProgrammingGiles Park, Andrew Hersee (credited as Andy Hersee), Timothy Steven Clarke (credited as Tim Clarke), Leigh Davies, Stuart Maher, Andrew Sage (credited as Andy Sage), John Story, Roxby Hartley, Steve Hughes
Lead ArtistDavid Cullinane (credited as Dave Cullinane)
Additional ArtworkSimon Phillips, Rob Carter, Gary Leonardi, Gary Edwards
Music, SFX, CommentaryJohn Hancock, Andrew Hersee (credited as Andy Hersee), Stafford Bawler, Peter Bishop
Lead TesterKristian Davies
Additional TestingPeter Gilbert, Mathew Molloy, Trevor Bent, Jeremy Mayers, Adrian Smith, Ste Chainey (credited as Stephen Chainey)
FMV EditingPeter Gough
Audio Motion: Managing DirectorMichael Cox (credited as Mike Cox)
Motion Capture: Department ManagerRichard Hince
Motion Capture: Data ProcessorsLiesl Brookes, Andrew Hutchinson, Natasha Jones, Sean Hince
Motion Capture: FMV Lead ArtistIlyas Kaduji
Motion Capture: Additional 3D ArtworkPaul Meston, Dan Copping, Graham Hudson, Lee Griggs
Motion Capture: Storyboard ArtistNeil Maguire
Motion Capture: Digital Video EditingMark Wallman

EIDOS Credits

Director of External DevelopmentSteve Hickman
ProducerAndrew Johnson (credited as Andy Johnson)
Localization ManagerFlavia Timiani-Dean (credited as Flavia Timiani)
Head of MarketingJohn Davis
Marketing ManagerDavid Burton
Assistant Product ManagerAndy Watt
PR ManagerSteve Starvis
Quality AssuranceNeil Donnell, John Ree, Lawrence Day, Tom Murton, Jonathon Redington (credited as Jon Redington), Daimion Pinnock, Jason Walker, Mitchell Slater, Gavin Skinner
ManualAn A.C.E Manual Design
Special Thanks toLes Ferdinand, Peter Brackley, Ray Wilkins, Watershed Productions

EIDOS Germany Credits

LocalisationEva Hoogh, Lars Wittkuhn, Kay Lankarany
MarketingLars Wittkuhn, Kay Lankarany
Special Thanks toKMF, Dene Landucci, Adrian Burton (for all the support), David Burton (for all the support)

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