X-COM: Terror from the Deep Screenshots (PlayStation)

User Screenshots

PlayStation version

The loading screen with a spinning X-COM logo.
Language selection
The main menu
Selecting the site for your base
Name your base. Since the PlayStation does not have a keyboard, you're given this virtual keyboard to use.
Base management. Here you manage almost every aspect of the game so you will be seeing this screen a lot.
Research menu. You need to research both human and alien technologies in order to survive the alien attacks.
Equipping your crew and crafts.
An alien underwater craft detected.
The alien craft was downed.
Your craft reached the alien crash site.
Equipping your aquanauts before the mission.
The game is turn based, which makes it easier to control on the PlayStation.
Deploying your units to the crash site.
Your aquanaut has spotted an alien outside the downed UFO. Notice the blinking one on the bottom right corner: this shows all the hostiles your aquanaut can see.
Choosing the method of shooting. Different weapons and methods take different amounts of Time Units.
The computer is shooting at your aquanauts during its turn.
Shooting at the alien.
Oops, I hit the gas-pipe behind the alien. Luckily we're underwater and no civilians were there.
That's a hit. The alien is down.
Preparing to enter the alien craft.
The tactical thermal-image map, showing you the layout of the level and the position of your units and items.
The debriefing screen.
The options menu.
Shooting aliens doesn't go without reward, here is the promotion screen.