The X-Files Game Screenshots (PlayStation)

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PlayStation version

Main Menu
Main Title (same opening video as in TV series)
What you see of Mulder and Scully will mostly be in the intro until very late in the game when you actually get a chance to talk to them.
Sometimes, when you're not asking questions, you can indicate in which mood do you want to answer something.
Exploring the offices. Note how the entire game is in wide-screen format.
A typical dialogue screen, talking to your comrade.
Something fishy's going on, as you're entering the storage without a warrant.
Dana Scully is as sceptical as ever, and until she sees some proof, you ain't no friend of her.
Catching on some clues. Wrong answer can easily mean end game.
And while Mulder is on front lines of solving a case, Scully is talking to him at safe distance.
Agent Wilmore (that be you, the player) and Agent Mulder have just spotted a suspicious men coming out of a jeep in front of house.
Exchanging information and acquaintances with Special Agent Mulder.