Xena: Warrior Princess Credits (PlayStation)

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Xena: Warrior Princess Credits

Universal Studios Digital Arts

Creative DirectorRoger Hector
ProducerGary Stark
DesignersSteve Morris, Kraig Horigan
Lead ProgrammerDennis Koble
ProgrammersMatthias Schill, Dave J. Hope, Andy Beale, Robert W. Calfee, Norm Avelar, William F. R. Moore
Sound EngineerLee Actor
Lead ArtistMark Franklin
Lead Level ArtistHoang Nguyen
Level ArtistsChuck Cole, Richard Fox
Lead AnimatorJason Baker
Lead NPC AnimatorMike Shiell
Character AnimatorJeffery Buchanan
Character Design & ModelingKam Yu
Lead CinematicsMichael Hulme
CinematicsFei Cheng
TestersBraeden Burns, Christopher Panelo
Special ThanksJim Wilson, Cynthia Cleveland, Hellene Runtagh
Music ScoreSoundelux Media Labs
Sound DesignSoundelux Media Labs
Music Composed ByBill Brown, Michael Reagan
PSX Music Formatting ByBill Brown, Bryan Celano
Uncredited Art DirectorsBrad Pollard, Andrew Paquette

Electronic Arts

ProducerScott Evans
Associate ProducerSam Clifford
International DevelopmentAtsuko Matsumoto, Barry Feather, John Pemberton, Emily Bromley
MarketingAlbert Penello, Anne Marie Stein, Robyn Rodota
DocumentationAnthony Lynch
Documentation LayoutCorinne Mah
Package DesignCreative Services
Package PhotographyCourtesy of Universal Interactive Studios
Package Art DirectionCreative Services
CQCMicah Pritchard, Benjamin Crick, Jacob Fernandez, Dave Knudson, Shane Ferguson, Andrew Young, Darryl Jenkins
Lead TesterJoshua Hendren
TestersAndrew Mirelez, Jeff Wong, David Constantino
Special ThanksTom Frisina, Marci Galea, Shannon Salinas, Michael Quigley, Frank Gibeau, Mark Blecher, Kurt Hsu, Scott Zimbler, Renaissanca Pictures, Robert Tapert, George Strayton, Lucy Lawless

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