Z Credits

The Bitmap Brothers (Original Version)

DesignEric Matthews
Additional DesignSteve Tall, Simon Knight, Martin F. Godber
CodeSteve Tall, Bruce Nesbit, Mike Montgomery
Additional CodeJohn M. Phillips, Stephen Cargill
ArtworkMark Coleman, Chris Thomas, Terry Cantrell
Additional ArtworkDaniel Malone, Douglas Walker
Sound FXChris Maule
MusicChris Maule, David R. Punshon, Richard Wells, Joe de Man
Storyboard DesignWill Jeffrey, Jake West
Voice ActorsBradley Lavelle, Alan Marriott, Sharon Holme

Krisalis Software Ltd. (PlayStation Conversion)

Project ManagerSimeon Pashley
Lead ProgrammerAndrew Ware
Additional ProgrammersSam Baker, Darren Moore, Richard Hazlewood, Mick Murphy, Peter Harrap
ArtistsDarren Hebden, Tracey Hudson

GT Interactive (Europe) Ltd.

ProducerDavid Nottingham
QA ManagerLiam DelaHunty
Lead TestersTim Mawson, Alex Bush
TestersBen Browning, Kolin Tregaskes, Jude Simon

Sony Computer Entertainment (Europe)

StaffMartin Alltimes, James Dillon

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