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Zero Divide 2: The Secret Wish (PlayStation)

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Zero Divide 2: The Secret Wish Credits

ZERO DIVIDE 2 -THE SECRET WISH- for PlayStation Credits

Produced byAkira Satō
Directed byAkira Satō
Programmed byJunichi Takeda
Written byMasakazu Fukuda
Product DesignMasakazu Fukuda
Motion Design and DirectionShūji Kitani
Motion DesignersMunenori Hitomi, Roy Q. Constantino
Character ModelmakerTakuya Maeda
MusicAkihito Okawa
Sound DesignAkihito Okawa
Demo ProgramYoshinori Nakamura
Voice ActorsAlan J, Marie Cochrane
ZOOM StaffTetsuya Tagawa, Hiroumi Ōnishi, Yuko Okubo
Special ThanksRyōji Akagawa (SCEI), Akihiko Shimizu (Soytzer Music Inc.), Chris Peppler's Office, Narumi Sato, Sayuri Sato
Extra Special ThanksShigeo Maruyama (SCEI), Akira Satō (SCEI), Masatsuka Saeki (SCEI), Sony Computer Entertainment Inc., Sony Music Entertainment Inc., Sony Music Communications Inc.
Copyright (C) 1996,1997ZOOM

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Credits for this game were contributed by 雷堂嬢太朗 -raido.jotaro- (56778)