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Apart from slight colour and sound differences, Amiga Plotting is exactly the same as its ST counterpart, and just as much fun. Grab it at the first opportunity.
Atari STComputer and Video Games (CVG) (Sep, 1990)
The graphics are small and cute (the blob bouncing with glee when a screen is cleared is a really nice touch), and the sound fits things nicely. Plotting has that spark of originality that makes it refreshing to play, and well worth paying good money for.
AmigaAmiga Joker (Nov, 1990)
Wenn das Game auch schwierig zu beschreiben ist, spielen tut es sich einfach hervorragend! Technisch stimmt ebenfalls alles: Ordentliche Grafik, flotter Sound, eine optimal gelöste Steuerung, Zwei-Spieler Option und ein Level-Editor – also alles, was des Tüftlers Herz begehrt. Plotting zählt somit ganz klar zu den besonders gefährlichen Süchtigmachern!
AmigaThe One (Aug, 1990)
The two-player option and the construction kit certainly add to the lastability - once you run out of screens simply design a few extra ones yourself. Admittedly, with just four types of brick and comparatively limited differences in screen design, Plotting doesn't quite match the flexibility of a Tetris, but it's certainly the next best thing: a cracking good brain-game.
Atari STAtari ST User (Jul, 1991)
It's never as easy as that and there are plenty of devious screens to get stuck into. Great game - graphics and sound are of secondary importance but are also very tasty.
ZX SpectrumYour Sinclair (Dec, 1990)
This is quite a good one - colourful, professionally-presented and smooth - playing, and with a fair smattering of cutsie appeal. However, it's probably not got the lasting appeal of, say, Plotting (also reviewed this issue) [Erm, I think Matt meant Puzznic - NickH]. Each screen is just too similar to the one before - it's not a fault of the Speccy programmers, simply a limitation of the game design, which can get repetitive and samey. My attention tended to wander at times, meaning I didn't pay enough notice to planning my next move - a potentially fatal way to go about things. It's not to say I didn't enjoy the game though - far from it - just that there've been 'simple yet incredibly addictive' puzzle games one too many times already. Somehow they just don't seem quite so original anymore - which is a bit weird for a genre where original-but-simple gameplay is the stock-in-trade, isn't it?
AmigaCU Amiga (Sep, 1990)
Plotting is simply brilliant. The addition of a Plot construction kit means that it will give timeless appeal, as you can put together your own levels with differing brick formations and pipes which you can bounce tiles off from the side or shoot through the middle from above. Pipes coupled with the various designs of roofs means that there are some points that cannot be reached so it becomes important on later levels to think ahead and calculate your moves.
Game BoyASM (Aktueller Software Markt) (Jul, 1990)
Ich weiß, ich weiß, das hört sich kompliziert an, doch nach einigen Minuten des Spiels weiß man, wie‘s geht. FLIPULL ist ein Game, das lange fesselt und unbedingt zu empfehlen ist!
AmigaAmiga Format (Oct, 1990)
Despite the rather daft title and overly cute appearance, Plotting is actually an intriguing and compulsive little puzzle game. The concept is simple enough to get into, but you still have to keep your eyes open and your mind on every move to complete the levels successfully. Getting complacent on even the easier levels is a sure way to quick defeat! These days it is difficult to come up with new computer puzzle ideas, but Plotting is certainly original and highly playable to boot!
Commodore 64Commodore Format (Dec, 1990)
Plotting is very nicely programmed (courtesy of the Twilight team); very polished and extremely captivating. The only worry is that non-puzzle freaks could grow tired of the samey action after mastering a few levels.
Atari STThe Games Machine (UK) (Sep, 1990)
Plotting isn't one of the best puzzle games around - it doesn't match Pipe Mania or Tetris/Welltris for sheer playability - but is high in the secondary league and as such should be considered if you like such games or fancy a change.
ArcadePower Play (Nov, 1989)
Klingt schon etwas kompliziert, die Beschreibung von „Plotting“. Am Anfang ist es auch nicht ganz leicht, dem Spielfluß zu folgen. Nach ein bis zwei Spielen hat an jedoch den Bogen raus und dann packt einen das Plotting-Fieber. Das Spiel hat was von dem Computerspiel „Shanghai“, nur das bei Plotting im Gegensatz zu Shanghai alle Steine sichtbar sind. Man muß immer ein bißchen voraus denken, um den Stapel abzuräumen. Zudem hat man nicht unbedingt unbegrenzt Zeit. Innerhalb von etwas drei Minuten müssen die ersten 20 bis 30 Steine abgeräumt sein. Ein origineller Automat, in den man gerne ein paar Markstücke steckt.
Atari STST Format (Nov, 1990)
If you've got 20 quid burning a hole in your pocket (and you won't part with it to supplement your correspondent's meagre salary) then Plotting is a good way to spend it as most. It's addictive and demanding enough to keep you coming back again and again, God dammit...
Plotting doesn't hold as much in the way of lasting appeal as some other puzzlers. It's difficult to say why, but at the end of the day that magic X-factor that a puzzle game needs to maintain interest simply isn't there. The challenge is there alright, but it just doesn't retain its appeal for long enough.
Like Tetris, Flipull is a simple game, but highly playable and quite addictive.
AmigaZzap! (Oct, 1990)
My first reaction to Plotting was 'Huh?', but when I'd got the gist I realised what a simple and readily playable puzzle game it is. Unfortunately, unless you tread very carefully and push your luck with the time limit, you often can't see why it's game over until it's too late; tile, step and pipe arrangements can be highly deceptive. It's for this reason that the construction kit isn't very useful. Unless you try to work it out it's easy to create levels that are impossible to complete.
AmigaAmiga Power (May, 1991)
A charming game, but eventually dull.
AmigaPower Play (Dec, 1990)
Unsere Spielfigur, offensichtlich ein naher Verwandter von Tiki aus Neuseeland, hat eine ganze Menge zu tun, bis er alle Klötzchen abgebaut hat. Auch wenn Plotting nur wenige Spielelemente bietet, so können diese überzeugen. Ein kleines, überschaubares Spielfeld und vier unterschiedliche Steinsymbole lassen genug Freiraum für eigene Kreativität und Knobelkunst. Die Spielidee ist gut durchdacht und nicht einfach nur dahin geschludert, um im momentanen Denkspiel-Boom abzusahnen. Besonders viel Spaß verspricht der Zwei-Spieler-Modus. Hier wird der Ehrgeiz richtig schön angestachelt.
Atari STASM (Aktueller Software Markt) (Sep, 1990)
Auf dem Denkspielsektor ist Plotting mit Sicherheit eine wohltuende Neuerscheinung, die selbst dem legendären Tetris Konkurrenz macht. Zu diesem Programm kann man Ocean eigentlich nur gratulieren und jedem anraten, es sich mindest einmal anzuschauen. lt‘s magic!
Auf dem Denkspielsektor ist Plotting mit Sicherheit eine wohltuende Neuerscheinung, die selbst dem legendären Tetris Konkurrenz macht. Zu diesem Programm kann man Ocean eigentlich nur gratulieren und jedem anraten, es sich mindest einmal anzuschauen. lt‘s magic!
Game BoyPower Play (Jun, 1990)
Freunde von Denk- und Kombinations-Spielen können sich das Modul problemlos kaufen.
Game BoyVideo Games (Jan, 1991)
Gegen die etablierten Puzzlegranaten (“Tetris“, “Puzznic“, “Kwirk“) hat‘s das beschauliche Flipull schwer. Das weitsichtige Blöckchen-Wegscheppern ist eine recht liebe Spielidee, der Zwei-Spieler. Modus gelungen und für zehn Minuten zwischendurch ist das Modul gut geeignet. Doch ist die Grafik ein bißchen sehr fuzzelig und der Suchtfaktor nur mittelmäßig. Denkspielfans werden zufrieden sein, aber ein Muß-Modul ist Flipull nicht gerade.