Plotting Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amstrad CPC version

Title screen
Drop the cross on another block
Level clear
Level 2: Pair the blue block with another blue one
Level 3: Flinging away a green block at the bottom
You must think of your strategy
Game over

Arcade version

Title Screen.
Training Stage.
Which block to grab first?
Bounce it off the wall to make the X blocks disappear.
Well Done.

Atari ST version

The title starts to come in
Main menu
High scores
Game start
No valid moves left
Using the top wall to aim this shot
Completed the level - look at him jump
About to take out 3 in a row
The level designer
Putting some blocks in place

Commodore 64 version

Loading screen
Title screen
Hurry up!
Stage clear!
Stage 2
Out of moves!
Game over

Game Boy version

Title screen
Throwing the special block
Nowhere to throw this block
Stage clear
Out of moves
Game over

NES version

Title screen
Drop the special block
Recieving a Taito block
Eliminating more blocks gives higher scores
Just clear!
A fruit-themed level
Sacrificing the last special block
This stage has blockers to prevent you from hitting certain columns
A miss!
Hurry up!
Out of possible moves
Game over

ZX Spectrum version

This copyright notice appears very briefly at the start of the load sequence
The load screen then displays and counts down until the game is loaded.
The game menu is displayed. The game name is built up one letter at a time. This screen alternates with the hi-score screen but it is only from here that a game can be started
Start of game 1. The objective is to reduce the stack to 9 blocks. The block to be fired is a Zapper, it will kill any block it hits.
The next block is a green one, its been fired at a matching block in the pile
The blocks meet, they both disappear, and a new block is dropped into play
This time the red block is fired at two adjacent matching blocks, both of which disappear
Killing two matching blocks scores a bonus
To hit the green block on top the player must fire their block at the wall so that it drops down onto the target. The arrow shows where it will fall
Here the 'X' block could be dropped onto a matching block at the back of the pile...
.. or it could kill two adjacent blocks and score a bonus
Mission accomplished!
Its possible to lose the game by not having a matching target block available. This makes the little blob thing cry and makes the player feel even more like a loser...
.. still with luck there could be a hi-score to cheer the player up
Yay! ABC is 3rd