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Advertising Blurbs


    A shooter with style

    The Terminator meets Lara Croft in a robo-rockin GCN adventure from Capcom.

    When the CAMS (Computer Arms Management System) neural network goes haywire on a distant planet, robots rampage and turn on human colonists. Freelance robo-slayer Vanessa Z. Schneider answers the call, bringing her armored Aegis suit, lethal hand blasters and high-flying dance moves to the scene. Produced by Resident Evil veteran Hiroyuki Kobayashi, P.N. 03 focuses on combat with precision and evasion rather than merely brute force. Making each robot-infested room her own dance floor, Vanessa dodges enemy fire with graceful cartwheels and provocative dance grooves. Even when standing in place, she taps her heel to the music like a dancer restless to strut her stuff.

    • Wreck roomfuls of rampaging robots for big bonuses.
    • Purchase and upgrade Aegis suits to arm yourself with awesome firepower.
    • Battle a wide variety of vicious enemy bots and bosses.
    • Blast apart the enemy to the tune of rumbling techno beats
    • Unravel Vanessa Z. Schneider's mysterious past

    In P.N. 03, you accumulate bonus points based on the number of robots you demolish. An arcade-style point system makes each room a challenge in which you must maximize your bonus points. You'll even earn special bonuses for destroying all the enemies in a room or passing without a scratch. Although at times the controls seem unwieldy, it's satisfying to dodge a salvo of enemy lasers with ease. The unique combo system encourages you to blast enemies in rapid succession for massive point multipliers.

    Points are more than just a way to quantify your coolness--you can spend them to purchase new Aegis suits or upgrade existing ones. Each of the 11 suits in P.N. 03 has its own distinct strengths and weaknesses. To fight your way to the heart of CAMS, you?ll have to sport the most fearsome fashions.

    Bottom Line

    P.N.03 is an arcade shooter with a distinct flair for design and dance. Gamers looking to demolish bots with stunning firepower while dodging lasers with acrobatic grace will enjoy P.N. 03's fusion of classic gameplay and new ideas. It's a shooter with style in spades.

    Contributed by Evil Ryu (65856) on Oct 17, 2006.

Back Cover:

    A colonial settlement on a distant planet goes out-of-control after a Computer Arms Management System goes haywire. Enter Vanessa Schneider, a freelance mercenary and robot killer with a grudge to settle in this exhilarating action game. But will Vanessa's dark past collide with her ultimate mission?

  • Futuristic Sci-Fi Environments
  • Battle Robots, Machines, Mega Weapons and Transforming Enemies
  • Stylish Moves and Attacks--Dodging, Rolling and Choreographed Gameplay
  • Learn Powerful Attacks, Combos and Power-Ups

  • Contributed by Servo (57408) on Oct 13, 2003.