Pocket Wizard: Magic Fantasy! Screenshots (Android)

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Android version

Title screen - the heroine engages in a pecuniary pursuit - her costume reflects the player's most recent upgrades.
An approaching eyeball monster - and some pleasant small talk!
Casting a fireball spell to destroy the monstrosities.
Thunder [Lightning] powers!
A rather angry looking beast!
A new hot pink outfit and a cats and birds agreeing to attack you together.
That long-necked giraffayena is in for a frigid surprise!
Magic, such as Ice here, can quickly turn a screen of monsters into valuable currency!
Black Hole sucks in matter and produces coins - Some sort of Federal Reserve commentary?
Investment screen, the developer also asked you to further invest some time in getting the good word out.
The heroine explains here secret to monster fighting in an economy of words while killing monsters with a long winded attack.
Dragon > Troll
A costume transformation occurs when the player upgrades a weapon.
A troll approaches!
The high priced treasures.
The magic input screen - certain directional inputs will release a powerful magic.
A Big Sword attack is one of the more jarring types of magic.
The game's main plot is revealed!
A description of our heroine's blithe attitude to her violent path to wealth.
A lot of monsters killed = a lot of coins.
Investments returning
The Star of Devil technique
Opening a treasure chest is, unsurprisingly, very lucrative.
Greater returns on investment from getting another user to play.
A touch of Engrish is the kiss of death to the player's attempt to upgrade beyond his means.
A Flappy Bird reference appears as a magical spell.
The final magic - Death - makes a dramatic show.
Magic codes
The treasure sheet
The final treasure, the crown, can be seen here between the first two monsters. It kills critters for the player. Leaving the player only with magic to focus on