P.O.D.: Proof of Destruction Screenshots

User Screenshots

Commodore 16, Plus/4 version

Start Screen.
First wave of aliens.
Keep blasting.
New type of aliens to blast.

Commodore 64 version

Loading screen
Main menu with high scores
Game start - the first wave is a Centipede
Some level damage as I try to survive
Level cleared
Level 2
Completed - note the points multiplier
They're all below me
Bonus level - take 'em all out
Enemy fire is a big hazard on level 5
Another centipedal wave
Dead, which has cataclysmic results
Level 7
Game Over

ZX Spectrum version

This screen displays as the game loads
This is the game's main menu screen. The colours change and flash which is why scores 4 & 5 cannot be seen
This is the start of level 1. The aliens are the string of six balls at the top of the screen. The player controls the point at the bottom of the screen
Several aliens have been shot now. They make holes in the grid which changed the path that the remainder take
When the player is shot the screen clears apart from a simulated explosion. The backgrounds on all levels flash too
At the end of each level a bonus score is awarded
Start of level 2. The aliens come straight down so its possible to get quite a few really quickly
Level 3. Flashing pink and green and red for a background, lovely
Level 3 again, note the new background combination
At the end of level 3 is a bonus level
Bonus level : these aliens come down really really fast and they both track and shoot at the player's base
End of the road. After the 'Game Over' message the game takes the player back to the
After the 'Game Over' message the game takes the player back to the load screen. When a key is pressed the player gets this screen were they enter their name