Poing 6 Screenshots (Amiga)

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Amiga version

Title screen
The different block types
The different upgrade blocks
Score history
This must be level 1
The path to the right wall is clear
A plus sign
Missed the ball, it went back to level 1, missed again
Jammed the ball into the narrow corridor
Get the ball into the sign and collect the crystals
When the ball comes back through the levels, it is loaded with power
Reaching the right wall is going to require a lot of work
A wall of expanding block appears when the crystals in the middle are taken
Dancing patterns emerge in the bottom
Three balls at once and a large pi
Square root
Either you must tear down the wall or get behind it
An advanced level with several ball catchers (hollow bricks)
Why, hello there
Note the T (trace) block inside the demolished T
The right wall is open
A cluster of powerups
Game over
Master poinger!
Trace mode