Poing 7 Screenshots (Amiga)

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Amiga version

Title screen (Poing 5 levels loaded)
Block legend
Game options
First level of Poing 5
Level 2
Lost the ball, now catch it before it's too late
The ball is so loaded that it destroys much of the level
The green blocks don't just disappear, they are pushed to the right by the ball
J. Bergsvik's mathematical level set 1, level 1
Level 2
Back to level 1, now with added bonus crystals
The same happens in level 2
A house
At first it looks simple…
…then the hidden bonus blocks are triggered
Lots of bonus points to score here
Jostein Bergsvik's second set of mathematic levels, as seen in Poing 6
Level 2
Level 3
A crystal face, with lock-block eyes, nose and mouth
These maths are too advanced for me…
Level 2
Level 3
Gerske's level set (level 1), with brittle blocks to the right
The bright blocks are hard ones, the colourful ones will lock the ball for a while, then spit it out at high speed
Some notes have been destroyed, releasing bonus crystals
Lots of crystals
As long as you can lodge the ball in the right spot, the game will basically play itself
Paul van der Valk's "G10" levelset, level 1
This magnet is actually a real magnet, deflecting the ball
A stairway of purple grabbing bricks
A level made up of several unusual kinds of special blocks, such as teleports, deflectors, holders and randomisers
The pink blocks will expand into four new blocks when hit
A gun
A real classic: The Poing 1 levels
Powerup legend
The game comes with an editor
Score histogram