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Back of Jewel Case (US):

    The shooting gallery madness of Point Blank has never been more zany exciting and fun. Join Dr. Don & Dr. Dan once again as they guide you through a whole new set of wacky games that will keep you partying for hours upon end.

    • Play 80 brand new wild and crazy mini-games!!

    Parties and Guns DO mix!!

    • Includes 5 different modes that will make this madcap title the most amusing shoot'em up ever!! - Arcade, Endurance, Versus, Party and Training mode
    • The Ultimate Party game!! - Connect another controller and play with up to 8 players!!
    • An off-the-wall shooting carnival where everyone will have safe and sane fun.
    • Guncon compatible.
    • Wacky, Quirky, Screwball Fun is what this game is all about!!

    Contributed by breakyboy (1631) on Mar 26, 2006.
    Get ready for another dose of sharp-shooting action with the third title in the Point Blank series. Old hands at the gun game, Dr Don and Dr Dan, are back, and this time the arcade action gets even crazier. Packed with mini games and the wackiest levels the dare-devil duo have yet encountered, Point Blank 3 lets you choose from a range of gaming modes, including Arcade, Training and Versus. Can you hit a moving target with a single bullet? Shoot the evil aliens but avoid the mad scientists? Blast a herd of stampeding buffalo? All this and more is your challenge when you enter the Point Blank arena!

    Contributed by Xoleras (66841) on Dec 13, 2004.