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Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 3.4
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 3.6
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 3.6
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.4
Overall User Score (5 votes) 3.5

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Darkstation (Aug 19, 2007)
As mentioned very early on in the review, Pokemon Battle Revolution was developed for the Pokemon faithful in mind, and although you can try battling through this game with little experience the game definitely favors the more knowledgeable. For that I have to say if you're a Pokemon fan, you should definitely go check this title out, otherwise unless you want a taste of online gaming on the Wii you can probably steer clear.
60 (Dec 26, 2007)
Während die Handheldspiele von Pokémon durch die Bank Höchstwertungen einsammeln, können deren große Brüder für die Heimkonsolen in der Regel nicht überzeugen. Egal ob Stadium, Colosseum oder Battle Revolution - das von Nintendofans erhoffte traumhafte Pokémon-Abenteuer wurde bislang noch nicht Wirklichkeit. Sinnvoll verwenden kann man Pokémon Battle Revolution zudem nur mit eigenen Pokémon aus den Nintendo DS Ablegern Diamant und Perl, ansonsten hat man auch Online meist das Nachsehen. Wer lediglich mit seinen Pokémon kämpfen möchte kann einen Blick riskieren, allen anderen sei der Nintendo 64 Ableger Pokémon Snap ans Herz gelegt, der für 10€ auf der Virtual Console angeboten wird.
60 (Dec 21, 2007)
Pokémon Battle Revolution kann man leider nicht einmal mehr Fans der Serie empfehlen. Die 3D-Präsentation am Fernseher rechtfertigt den Preis keines Falls, und der Online-Modus ist auch im Nintendo DS-Spiel verfügbar. Wer ein solches nicht besitzt, sollte nicht einmal im Traum daran denken sich Battle Revolution zuzulegen, da er dank Leihpässe die Pokémon die er mit in den Kampf nimmt nicht eigens zusammenstellen kann. Zieht man davon noch die Minispiele des mittlerweile sieben Jahre alten, aber immer noch überlegenen Pokémon Stadium ab, bleibt ein Stück Software übrig, welches man besser in den Ladenregalen stehen lässt.
For those who don't have a DS and Diamond/Pearl, PBR is an empty shell of a game full of endless dry colosseum battles and little to work for outside of trainer accessories. But even Pokémon diehards will find little to keep them interested once they get past the glossy presentation.
GameSpy (Jun 29, 2007)
The real draw here should be competing with other players over Nintendo Wi-Fi Connect. Sadly, it's far too difficult to really get anything resembling a fulfilling online experience out of Pokémon Battle Revolution. Until Nintendo decides to give its online gamers leaderboards and true stat-tracking, this type of release can only be recommended to the most die-hard of Pokémon fans.
Gaming Target (Aug 03, 2007)
Reviewing this game has been a mixed-bag for me. While Pokemon fanatics will eat this game up, many other players will grow bored within the first ten minutes. It's the exact same game as Pokemon Stadium for the Nintendo 64, just with better graphics and a gimped online mode that could have been better implemented. For Pokemon fans, Battle Revolution is like a mini-appetizer to what we're all clamoring for: a Pokemon MMORPG.
AceGamez (Dec 11, 2007)
Pokémon Battle Revolution is worthless if you don't own the DS game; there simply isn't enough independent content to warrant a purchase, if you fall into this category. For everyone else if you own Diamond or Pearl then you should consider picking this up when it's on sale. For diehard fans that love 3D Pokémon, this can be fun - but when compared to the two Gamecube titles it's hard to recommend to anyone and is a step backwards in terms of content. Battle Devolution would have been a more fitting title, with the tagline "You need to have caught them all on DS."
Het idee om je DS met de Wii samen te voegen en Pokémon-gevechten in volle 3D te spelen, al dan niet online, kan moeilijk mislopen. Toch merk je na enige tijd dat het spel niet genoeg variatie brengt in het spelverloop, waardoor het al snel verandert in een saaie bedoening. Het mag leuk zijn voor mensen die op de DS hun Pokémon uren hebben getraind om ze in 3D te zien op hun tv-toestel, al de anderen laten dit spel best links liggen.
Sure, Poketopia might sound a lot like the trips you took to Pokemon Stadium 1&2 or that weekend at Pokemon Colosseum. That's because this is the same trip, we've just repainted the signs and moved to a different system. But just listen to what GI Travel Magazine said about our beautiful resort, "Poketopia is one the most boring trips I've ever been forced to take. If I hadn't been paid to go, I would have punched my travel agent."
Computer Bild Spiele (Feb 06, 2008)
Das erste Pokémon-Spiel für Nintendo Wii ist eine Enttäuschung. Im Grunde ist der Kauf nur sinnvoll, wenn Sie sich schon lange mit den Pokémon-Spielen für DS befasst haben. Dann können Sie nämlich Ihre eigenen, bestens ausgebildeten Pokémon ins Wii-Spiel übertragen. Nur dann haben Sie eine echte Siegchance. Auch die Grafik überzeugt nicht. Die fantasievoll gezeichneten Figuren sind zwar nett anzusehen, aber sie bewegen sich – wenn überhaupt – wie in einer Diaschau. So viel Behäbigkeit trübt den Spielspaß. Übel: Angeblich wird auch online der beste Pokémon-Trainer gesucht. Aber es gibt nicht einmal Statistiken oder andere Aufzeichnungen, aus denen Sie ersehen könnten, wem die Krone gebührt. In dieser dürftigen Form ist das Spiel nur unverdrossenen Pokémon-Fans zu empfehlen – und dabei bestens bewährt – haben. Nur ein „befriedigender“ Spielspaß.
GameTrailers (Aug 02, 2007)
It’s really difficult to recommend Pokemon Battle Revolution. For casual players, there’s no substance to the game - especially if they haven’t played Diamond & Pearl on the DS and are unable to upload their critters. For the hardcore Poke-maniac, the online play provides an opportunity for bragging rights and little else. This is one case where no one should be saying PBR me ASAP.
Diehard GameFan (Jun 26, 2007)
Unless you’re a really big Pokemon fan, there is absolutely no reason to get this game, Not even casual fans or occasional RPG dabblers should bother with this. You’re going to need a DS and either Pokemon Pearl or Diamond to even make considering buying this a rational thought. For those that have the necessary pieces, you’ll find Pokemon Battle Revolution to be a solid and beautiful game designed to test you like very few turn based RPG’s ever have. It’s a lackluster first RPG/first Pokemon game for the WII, but it is a solid one.
Nintendo Vision (Feb 07, 2008)
Pokémon Battle Révolution n’est ni un blockbuster ni une réelle déception. Nintendo a préféré rester dans le moyen en assurant le minimum syndical au lieu de tenter une fois de plus d’innover et d’apporter un vent de fraîcheur à la licence, du moins à la déclinaison sur console de salon. De plus l’absence de tout mode solo (hormis la suite de duels dans les différents colisées) et les "cartes de location" forcent le joueur à se procurer une DS avec Perle ou Diamant. C’est la seule condition à satisfaire pour pouvoir vraiment y prendre du plaisir. Reste que graphiquement c’est plutôt joli, les combats en 3D sont bien rendus et le mode online est intéressant. Voilà ce qui permet de sauver un titre qui est quand même loin d’être un indispensable pour tout fan qui se respecte.
Nintendo Front (Jan 09, 2008)
Wo sich bei „Pokémon Battle Revolution“ die titelgebende „Revolution“ verbergen soll, bleibt wohl ein gut gehütetes Geheimnis der Entwickler. Das Spiel wirkt wie eine mittelprächtige Weiterentwicklung des inoffiziellen N64-Platzhirsches „Pokémon Stadium“, bei dem sich - ausgenommen dem Online-Modus und der Nintendo DS-Kopplung- rein gar nichts geändert hat. Da Anfänger aufgrund des mageren Umfangs nur für kurze Zeit Freude haben werden, ist auch die Zielgruppe klar ersichtlich: Besitzer einer Nintendo DS-Version von Pokémon Pearl oder Diamond. Denn nur für diese Spieler ergibt sich dank Pokémon- und Item-Transfer ein sinnvoller Mehrwert und liefert ein Argument, den Kauf des 60€ teuren Stück Software in Erwägung zu ziehen.
55 (Jun 29, 2007)
If you're a fan of the Pokemon series, odds are you either already have Pokemon Battle Revolution or you plan to pick it up soon regardless of what any reviewer says. Still, it needs to be said that, while the game adds a little something extra to the Pokemon experience, in the end, it's not the breakthrough title that Nintendo set it up to be. Sure, the online play and DS interaction are nice features, but those technical highlights don't add any real substance to the game. In short, Poketopia might be a nice place to visit, but you definitely won't want to live there.
GameSpot (Jul 02, 2007)
Because Pokemon Battle Revolution incorporates the DS into the action and introduces online play to the Wii in the US, it should be more exciting. But when you get down to it, the action itself is straightforward and single-minded to a fault. This may be a forgivable shortcoming if the very idea of seeing the Pokemon you've spent hours and hours training in Diamond or Pearl is enough to get you excited, but for everyone else, it's even less appealing than a real Pokemon game.
Deeko (Jul 12, 2007)
All things said and done, I'm not sure how this title went from hero to zero so quickly. I mean, given the potential of the system itself, one really has to wonder why so many facets found in previous iterations were removed. Mini-games could have been wildly entertaining, while multiplayer party style games could have been amazingly fun. Yet there are none to be found - only battling. The online mode is a joke when you consider the lack of any stat tracking and the single player mode is simply dull. Even with the DS and the other Pokemon games, this isn't a title that really remains fun in any way and doesn't offer gamers anything more than the chance to see the Pokemon they've caught and raised end up in full 3D. It's a shame, as this title feels completely dated and lacking in almost every possible way and it made me want to bust out my old copy of "Stadium" and go back to the days when battling was fun.
Worth Playing (Jul 24, 2007)
Pokemon Battle Revolution simply isn't worth the money. Other than the privilege of being the first Nintendo Wii title with online capability, it has nothing else going for it. The visual quality is certainly not worth full price, and even as a budget title, it would be hard to make arguments for Revolution being worth your time. Battles are slow and tedious, and the AI opponents are braindead and foolish. Without owning another system and a completely different game, Revolution isn't worth that much. Rather than being a worthy successor to the Stadium franchise, Pokemon Battle Revolution instead manages to be the most unpolished and boring of the lot. Those gamers eager for 3D Pokemon would be better off waiting until Pikachu's appearance in Super Smash Brothers: Brawl. It would certainly be a more satisfying experience than this.
Dit is een musthave voor elke bezitter van het DS-spel, maar tegelijk de kostprijs niet waard. Ik hoop deze paradoxale situatie met een score van vijftig het beste uit te drukken.
50 (May 28, 2007)
For fans of the Pokemon franchise, Pokemon Battle Revolution is sure to offer a fair amount of entertainment value. However, unless you would check yourself off as a pretty big fan of Pokemon, Battle Revolution offers few incentives for the cost of admission. Compared to Pokemon Stadium on N64, it feels like a step backwards, as it feels less polished and lacks as many extras as its predecessor, which is now over five-years-old. Pokemon Battle Revolution would have made an awesome mode in a Pokemon game, but it doesn’t have quite enough to stand on its own as a full-fledged game, unfortunately.
IGN (Jun 27, 2007)
We’ve watched the franchise become a worldwide phenomenon and seen its evolvution over four portable systems and three consoles. For whatever reason, however, Pokemon Battle Revolution takes a step back, actually removing content from older attempts, making the true "Stadium" experience a one-trick pony. Gone are the multiplayer mini-games, the ability to play the portable game on the big screen, and overall "hub" feel of the console Pokemon experience. Pokemon Battle Revolution is neither a full-fledged RPG on Wii nor a fully-realized stadium effort. You'll pay $50 for a stripped down seven-year-old design that offers worldwide random battles in place of a full-fledged RPG, voice chat, or any actual depth found in the handheld versions. For less money you can get well over 60 hours of gameplay on DS, and far more multiplayer anywhere you go. Pokemon Battle Revolution is a $50 loyalty tax for Wii Pokemon fans, and was far better seven years ago on Nintendo 64.
NintendoWorldReport (Jul 02, 2007)
There just isn't enough in the package. If the features in this game were added to Diamond and Pearl, that game would have been even better. Those features by themselves do not make a game.
Thunderbolt Games (Jul 18, 2007)
Unfortunately, stellar graphics can’t save Pokemon Battle Revolution from utter mediocrity. The game has no story mode whatsoever, forcing you to participate in battle after monotonous battle until you’ve won a tournament. Since the default Pokemon can’t learn any new moves and develop their stats, you’ll never get the chance to enjoy the deeper levels of strategy that previous games employed. The only way you’ll ever get the most out of this title is if you’ve already beaten Pokemon Diamond or Pearl and can upload your teams accordingly. Sadly, the simplistic combat modes, lacking challenge, and mind-numbingly slow pacing make even the online multiplayer tedious at best. The only truly great thing about this game is the graphical quality, but that won’t matter much when you’re bored out of your mind. Unless you’re a rabid Pokemon fanatic, enjoy your DS games. You’ll get more out of them than what this half-assed title can offer.
If you're looking for the ultimate Pokemon-on-Wii experience, you'll have to keep waiting. If you crave battles and 3D Pokemon, you may just find enough here to keep you entertained, but everyone else will find better things to do very quickly.
Gamestyle (Dec 28, 2007)
It is probably the fact that our expectations were quite low for Pokémon Battle Revolution which is stopping us from giving the game a lower-than-average score. However, it’s impossible to recommend to those who don’t have one of the DS games, and while die-hard Pokémaniacs will doubtless get some joy out of it, even they should avoid paying full-price for what is a somewhat limited expansion.
Game Revolution (Jul 26, 2007)
For the die-hard Pokemon player, this game is a must have: the thrill of seeing your team of Pokemon on the big screen duking it out against your buddies will outweigh any flaws, fumbles or complete lack of content the game might have. For the rest of us, however, we may as well sit down and wait for the dawn of the era after this one.
49 (Jan 25, 2008)
Pokémon Battle Revolution is everything but a revolution for this franchise. Instead of adding new, fun elements which can be amusing to everyone (and not just owners of Pokémon Pearl and Diamond), they’re holding on to old values and removing interesting possibilities. The only new thing which is actually fun is the connection with your DS, but this won’t add to the lifespan of this even in the best of cases. Pokémon Battle Revolution isn’t worth much with the DS games, but it’s even worse without them. I’d say this is worthless.
Cheat Code Central (Jul 09, 2007)
If you are a fan of the Pokémon series and you already have Pokémon Diamond or Pearl, then this game will only further aid you in enjoying your experience. However, if you do not have those then you might want to give a reason for them giving you a Renter's Pass and just rent the game. Be leery of the online gameplay, however, as you will face several members of the exclusive Pokémon elite and make it out barely alive. Let's hope that Nintendo's next venture online is a little more player friendly and not just for an exclusive club.
45 (Dec 11, 2007)
Simple faire-valoir visuel des versions Diamant et Perle de la DS, ce Pokémon Battle Revolution ne propose hélas aucun contenu original susceptible de justifier son achat. Seuls les Pokéfans de la première heure et les accros à la série apprécieront peut-être de voir leurs petits protégés prendre vie sur une télévision. Les autres se sentiront lésés par l'absence notoire de scénario, de Pokémon à capturer ou simplement de gain d'expérience.
1UP (Jul 02, 2007)
So what's the point of Battle Revolution, then, if all it does is duplicate a portion of the real Pokémon games in a less-fulfilling way? Honestly, not much. Those who have drained every last moment of enjoyment from the DS game might appreciate it as a way to eke a little more challenge from the experience. And really obsessive types might appreciate the fact that the announcer guy from the cartoon performs (highly repetitious) running commentary during in-game battles. Everyone else, though, will simply regard this as a waste of money.
Gamernode (Jul 18, 2007)
Pokemon Battle Revolution isn't exactly a disappointment, mainly because no one expected it to be very good. These battles in the Pokemon universe need to be rethought by Nintendo, because Battle Revolution shows their age.
Netjak (Jul 31, 2007)
Pokémon Battle Revolution is definitely a step (or more) backwards for this popular franchise. Seeing battles on a larger screen and customizing your character is nice, but it’s hard to recommend a title that lacks a storyline, the ability to raise Pokémon, or in fact anything you couldn’t do on Diamond or Pearl except play multiplayer on a single console. There’s no reason at all for anyone without to pick this title up, and only the most obsessive collectors or people allergic to handheld graphics will find this game worthwhile. Hopefully the next Wii Pokémon offering will be more like the high-quality Colosseum and XD and less the obvious cash grab that this title is.
42 (Jan 04, 2008)
Luin pelatessani, eli joutessani, strategiaoppaita, joten voisin kertoa pelin ns. hienouksista enemmänkin. Mieluummin kuitenkin väännän rautalangasta, että pelasipa peliä yksin, kaverin kanssa tai netissä, on verenkierto lamaantua tylsyyden noustessa helvetillisille tasoille. Uskomattomimpana esimerkkinä yksinpelikampanja ei pelin omilla örvelölajitelmilla pelattaessa vaadi ensimmäistäkään strategista päätöstä 3-5 tuntiin: eteenpäin pääsee takomalla nappia A. Yksinpeli palkitsee mahdollisuudella vaatettaa oma pokémonkouluttaja – yeah! Nettipeli ei sisällä edes tuloslistoja – jou!
Gaming Age (Jul 19, 2007)
With a surprising lack of play modes and little gratification given for completing battles, it's hard to recommend this game to anyone except hardcore Pokemon fanatics. I didn't find much to like in the game and quickly became bored. If you're looking for a real Pokemon adventure check out the portable games as they truly offer compelling game play.
40 (Dec 21, 2007)
Pokémon Battle Revolution est un titre vraiment à part, délaissant à la fois l'aventure des épisodes GameCube et les mini-jeux des versions Nintendo 64. Il dispose d'une riche base de données de Pokémon, mais qui ne se dévoilera qu'avec l'importation de monstres d'une ou plusieurs versions DS (Diamant et Perle). Difficile donc de faire l'impasse sur ce manque de contenu, surtout à 50 euros, malgré un mode en ligne qui fait son petit effet. A réserver aux grands fans, désireux de voir leurs protégés en 3D, et déjà possesseurs d'un jeu DS (vendu autour de 40 euros). Ce qui fait au final un coût pour profiter pleinement de l'expérience de 90 euros ! On ne peut tout de même qu'être déçu... A quand un « vrai » Pokémon sur console de salon ?
Nintendo Life (Apr 15, 2009)
As it stands, Pokémon Battle Revolution feels more like a stripped-down version of Pokémon Stadium (released almost a decade ago). The gameplay feels very repetitive, and the dependence the game has upon its Nintendo DS siblings makes it unsuitable for those without the handheld games. Though the incorporation of online play was a welcome feature, it needs to work with a bit more thought and consistency for it to become truly enjoyable.
Gamekult (Dec 13, 2007)
Bilan mitigé pour cette première apparition des Pokémon sur la Wii. Après avoir joué la carte de l'originalité grâce à la chasse aux Pokémon obscurs dans Colosseum et XD, Genius Sonority fait machine arrière. Beaucoup plus proche, dans l'esprit, d'un Pokémon Stadium, Battle Revolution ne s'adresse pratiquement qu'aux possesseurs de Diamant ou Perle, tout en ne proposant que vraiment très peu de contenu supplémentaire, en dehors du passage à la 3D. Plus de RPG, plus de gain d'expérience, plus de capture de Pokémon. En outre, on ne retrouve malheureusement pas non plus tous les petits ajouts qui venaient étoffer le jeu sur Nintendo 64, comme les mini-jeux ou l'Académie Pokémon de Stadium 2, et l'on finit par se lasser de ces combats à répétition, même s'ils sont plus rythmés qu'avant.
Video Game Talk (Aug 19, 2007)
Overall, this is was a missed opportunity. Being the first on-line Wii game, I was expecting more. As it stands, this game feels just like a demo. You can only start with six pre-selected Pokemon, they have removed the mini games, and there aren’t any real goals aside from unlocking gyms or buying clothes. (No, I’m not kidding, in this videogame you’re rewarded with money that you can use to buy clothes.) The game is really made as an accessory to Pokemon Diamond and Pearl for the Nintendo DS. If you have one of those games and are fairly far along, importing your Pokemon into the game makes it more fun and enjoyable, but only for so long. This would be a good Rental in that case, since it is nice to see the big 3D creatures fighting it out, at least for a little while. If you don’t have one of those recent hand-held Pokemon games, forget buying this. You’ll soon tire of it and wish that you’d spent the money on something else.
40 (UK) (Dec 10, 2007)
Considering how much time Anna the receptionist can spend guffing on about the game at the start, it's amazing how little substance the whole thing has. If you've got a DS, plus Pearl or Diamond, and you've got a sizable collection of Pokémon that you'd like to see rendered in 3D on the TV, then Battle Revolution might be worth the asking price. Even then, you'd have to be a pretty hardcore Pokémon fan. I mean, Mudkip fan art on your walls and everything. But, if that's not you, then this is an entirely pointless release that makes no effort to give you value for money. You peasant.
Cubed3 (Jan 03, 2008)
Pokémon Battle Revolution is a bitter disappointment to anybody wanting a decent home console Pokémon title, somehow managing to bring less content to the table than the years-old Pokémon Stadium. Bring us our full RPG, Nintendo. This isn’t even an evolution, never mind a revolution. Go and buy Diamond/Pearl on DS - if you have them already, go and play them rather than this.