Advertising Blurbs

Back of Box - 2600 (Europe):


    Get behind the wheel of a sleek Formula 1 race car and go for the number one spot, the Pole Position! Thrilling new graphics let you pass cars or whip around snug curves. One mistake and you could go up in flames.


    Mettez-vous au volant d'une élégante voiture de course Formule 1 et visez la meilleure position, la "Pole Position"! Avec de nouveaux graphismes sensationnels, vous doublerez les autres voitures ou vous prendrez sur les chapeaux de roue de dangereux virages en épingle á cheveux. Mais attention! La moindre erreur risque de vous faire partier en fumée.


    Ran zum Rennen und hinter das Lenkrad eines schnittigen Formel 1 Rennwagens, und rasen Sie los, zur ersten Stelle, der "Pole Position"! Spannende neue Grafik läßt Sie Wagen überholen oder urn enge Kursen sausen. ein Fehler-und Sie könnten in Flammen aufgenhen.


    Mettiti al volante di una sinuosa macchina da corsa Formula 1 e punta ad ottenere la posizione in prima corsia, la "Pole Position". Grazie ad una grafica affascinante, puoi sorpassare le altre macchine o prendere curve strettissime. Un solo sbaglio e potresti andare in fiamme.


    Sitúese detrás del volante de un aerudinámico bólido de carreras Formula 1 y trate de avanzar hasta la posición número uno, la "Pole Position." Gráficas nuevas que la permitirán pasar a otros bólidos y tomar curvas a gran velocidad. Pero itenga cuidado!, un solo error y su bólido se puede incendiar.

    Contributed by Joshua J. Slone (4675) on Jun 22, 2007.

Atari 5200 Super System Catalog 1983:
    You're at the speedway for Grand Prix racing at its best. If you qualify, you can take on competition that will drive you wild! CX5217
    (available spring '83)

    Contributed by RKL (5737) on Dec 27, 2003.

Back of Box (Atari 5200):
    Get set for a thrilling new sensation! With REAL MOTION GRAPHICS. Atari puts you behind the wheel of a sleek Formula 1 racer. You go for the number one starting spot, the Pole Position. Then it's flat out to win the Grand Prix. Pass cars like they're standing still, but watch those curves! One mistake and you could go up in flames.


    * Use your 5200 controllers with this ATARI game cartridge.

    * For use with North American and other NTSC television sets only.

    * MODEL 5217

    Contributed by RKL (5737) on Dec 27, 2003.

Description from Intellivision 1988 catalog:
    Take the controls and wait for the green light. 3...2...1...YOU'RE OFF! Your engine roars! Shift into high, weave through the pack, and pull out into the open! A tight curve! Tires scream! You start to skid - and another car is right in front of you! Swerve onto the grass, race ahead, then back onto the track just before smashing into a road sign! Gun it - seconds count - and you're across the finish line in record time! But that was just the qualifying lap...
    * Exciting point-of-view graphics, realistic sound-effects, and non-stop action put YOU on the racetrack! 
    * Four different courses to challenge you! 
    * Run a qualifying lap to earn a starting position in the big race! Run the lap fast enough and earn the Pole Position! 
    * Fast reflexes and faster wits are needed to pass computer- controlled racers! 
    * The competition gets tougher the better you get! 
    * All the thrills of the arcade classic!

    Contributed by RKL (5737) on Sep 19, 2003.

Back Cover - Atari 2600:


    … literally blows the doors off any driving game you’ve ever experienced.” -- JoyStik magazine, April ’83.

    Quality for the Grand Prix and win the Pole Position, the number one starting spot. Then go flat out to beat the track record and finish a winner. Features treacherous curves, hair-raising near misses, and all the thrills of the popular video arcade game.

    Contributed by Jeanne (76593) on May 11, 2003.

Back Cover - C64:

    Experience the thrill of Formula One Motor Racing

    Experience the thrill of high-performance racing. Feel the excitement and nerve-shattering danger as you race against the clock and take the lead. Your skills and endurance are put to the ultimate test on a race track built for the best drivers and the fastest Formula 1 racers.

    Capture the pole position, turbo-charge your way past the competition, and be the first to reach the checkered flag!

    Contributed by Jeanne (76593) on May 11, 2003.

Unknown Source:
    In auto racing, you need more than just speed. Strategy, guts, and reflexes decide who wins the coveted pole position. Race your heart out in the qualifying run, then get ready to really drive as the competition lines up around you, engines roaring, pulses pounding. Hang tight curves, dart in and out of the pack, and finally make a lst-ditch sprint for the checkered flag.

    The arcade racing game comes home.

    Contributed by Derrick 'Knight' Steele (2425) on Mar 07, 2000.