On the office computers, inside one of the folders are files that contain brief descriptions of all of the other Sierra games that were out at the time, such as Space Quest, King's Quest, etc.

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Police Quest 2 gets rid of the driving sequence that was in the first Police Quest and instead will automatically drive you to your destination while showing an animated scene.

Contributed by Ricky Derocher (22038) on May 19, 2006. -- edit trivia

While the first game centered on basic patrol officer procedure, this game focused more on investigative procedures. An interesting bomb disposal sequence is also included.

If you're clever enough to "hack" into the office computers, you discover that Laura Watts, Sonny's narcotics partner from PQI, was found out to be the "Gremlin" that antagonized Dooley. She quietly retired from the force after she was caught.

Look around in the airport, and you will see Larry Laffer (and hear a quick rendition of 'For Your Thighs Only').

Take a second look at the Victor Simms picture from the manual. Remind you of anything? ("Get your stinkin' paws off me, you damned dirty ape!")

(contributed by Jason Artman)

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