Police Simulator Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

The game's title screen. At the bottom of the screen is a progress bar that updates as the game loads.
The game's main menu
There are three quick missions, one of which is a tutorial, to help the player become familiar with the game
The start of the tutorial
This is a resource management game which means lots of windows open up.
There are two kinds of duty that can be assigned. Policemen can be assigned to stop people and check ID cards or they can be assigned to patrol duties
Here, in the tutorial, a patrol car has been assigned to a patrol route
The player can zoom in and out of the cityscape
A crime has been committed and the player must assign officers to the scene. In the lower right a box opens to show the crime. More boxes open as more crimes are committed
The suspect has been arrested, as is shown by the handcuffs.
The police car has arrived and has arrested the baddie at the scene
Often a criminal cannot be arrested at the scene so the CSI guys analyse trace evidence which then goes to the detectives. Two more resources to be managed
In another case the female officer alerts the player when a crime has been solved following an investigation
The main mission starts with the player being in control of just a small part of the city. This is the same area as is used in the tutorial
There are different kinds of maps available. This shows where the patrol officers are and, if there had been any crimes they would show up here too