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Platform Votes Score
3DO 4 3.5
PC-98 2 4.8
PlayStation 17 3.9
PlayStation 3 1 5.0
PSP 1 5.0
PS Vita 1 5.0
SEGA Saturn 6 3.2
Combined User Score 32 3.9

Critic Reviews

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PlayStationGameFan Magazine
It can be said in all honesty that Policenauts has one of the best game storylines ever. Of course, I (a person whose entire grasp of the Japanese language came from three whole weeks of class) had a bit of help from Nick Rox understanding the intricate plot. I can only dream of seeing this "sequel" to Snatcher in English (I want to play it again so bad), but thanks to Konami's sports fever, the chances of seeing gems like this (or Genso) here in the states is about nil.
SEGA SaturnGameCola.net
This game is gorgeous to look at, painful to listen to and altogether more confusing than accidentally walking in on your parents when you were eight. Maybe that was just me. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that Hideo Kojima is a genius, but a disturbed genius. His games make so little sense that they bend the fabric of space and time.