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Pong: The Next Level

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PlayStation 3

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It is an absolutely great game! Windows Fishaman P (36)

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Platform Votes Score
Game Boy Color 1 5.0
Macintosh 1 5.0
PlayStation 9 3.6
PlayStation 3 Awaiting 1 votes...
PSP Awaiting 1 votes...
PS Vita Awaiting 1 votes...
Windows 8 3.4
Combined MobyScore 19 3.6

The Press Says

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PlayStationAtari HQ
Overall, the new Pong is just the type of game that will remind everyone of why they fell in love with its predecessor (and classic games in general) in the first place. It's simple, it's addicting, and it makes for a wonderful party game. And the clincher? Even my wife enjoyed playing it with me (good luck getting her to pick up a controller to play Mortal Kombat or Tekken.) It's not easy following in the footsteps of a legend, but if the original Pong was Cy Young, PlayStation Pong is Randy Johnson -- high praise indeed.
WindowsAbsolute Games (
Безумно затягивающая игра, берущая за грудки своей детской непосредственностью. Понравится как взрослым, так и детям от 3-х лет. Рекомендуется, как расслабляющее средство всем, кто страдает синдромом хронической усталости или заигрывания в шибко умные гамы. Купите геймпад (можно и с тремя кнопками — хватит) и пинг-понгуйте своих друзей, домочадцев и вообще всех, кто попадет в поле зрения вас и вашей ракетки. Аминь. Пинг. Понг. Пинг. Понг. Пинг. Понг...
Some of the levels are tiresome, like a mid-level clown board, but it’s easy to skip past low points and focus on the quick gameplay that Pong provides. For a brief game of Pong with modern sensibilities, look no further.
I would buy this game. I would suggest you go buy this game. Why? Because of the price. If this were a forty dollar game, I would say it's not worth it. But for the measly twenty dollars they are asking for this game, it is worth it. It is incredibly addictive especially if you have four players. Then, it's a party.
WindowsPower Unlimited
Een super maffe remake die de verslaving van het origineel weet te evenaren en die behoorlijk wat behendigheid vereist. Geen baanbrekende game, maar zeker leuk voor de liefhebbers.
WindowsDaily Radar
I'd love to slag off on Pong and call it an affront to gamers everywhere, but it's just cuddly. It has all the extras you'd want, 3D acceleration, multiplayer, 20 new maps with different style games, power-ups, and some very creative levels. The physics could use some work (balls that hit the far corners of the paddle don't ricochet off in that direction, making radical angle shots difficult to pull off) and the game is pretty slow in the opening levels. I have to admit it's fun, just don't let your friends see you buy it.
WindowsGameStar (Germany)
Kaum zu glauben, was Hasbro aus dem ollen Pong-Prinzip noch herausgeholt hat. Jeder Level spielt sich anders: Mal machen Ihnen die unregelmäßig verteilten spitzen und stumpfen Winkel am Spielfeldrand zu schaffen, dann fordern rotierende Pinguine Ihre ganze Aufmerksamkeit. Das Ganze sieht auch noch schick aus – was will man mehr? Naja, vielleicht ein paar zusätzliche Levels, denn trotz des gehobenen Schwierigkeitsgrades haben Sie Pong solo an wenigen Tagen durchgespielt. Und der Mehrspieler-Modus reizt deutlich weniger. Pong ist ein gelungenes Revival, das jetzt schon Lust auf die bereits fest geplante Reanimierung anderer prominenter Videospielklassiker wie zum Beispiel Pac Man macht.
That's not even close to touching on all of the levels of this inventive game, but it should give a really good indication of what's in store. There are just as many interesting levels that I left out of the review. After all, there have to be some surprises in life...or gaming at least. It's got the same paradox of the original game -- periods of zen-like transcendence intermingled with bouts of vein popping frustration. But it's the kind of frustration that you don't mind so much.
WindowsGame Over Online
So is Pong ready for the 90's? Are we ready for Pong again? Atari and Hasbro Interactive have done a great job bringing this classic hit to the PC, so much so that it really is unrecognizable. They've put together 20 levels of Pong action that is sure to please fans of the classic. Those of you who have never played the original Pong (heck, I wasn't even born in 1974) might find the gameplay to be very simplistic, especially considering some of the advancements in the last few years. It certainly isn't the most complex game, but Pong does feature some great arcade action. It's Pong with an attitude, so get your paddles ready!
MacintoshInside Mac Games (IMG)
It's nice to see such a solid family title produced for the Mac that embodies such humor and general good fun. And that's what this title is: good clean fun, rated E, for Everyone. Do I think it keeps the spirit of the original? Yes. (How can you get the concept of Pong wrong?) Do I think Atari and Macsoft have improved on the original? Yes. The additions certainly do not hurt, and I enjoy all the originality and variety of this Pong. Should you buy this game? Whether you have kids, are generally tired of bloody FPSs and need a change, or just want a fun little lark while revisiting a classic, Pong is a good title to include in your growing Mac library.
WindowsPC Player (Germany)
Überraschung: Pong bietet witzige Variationen des Ur-Gameplays, spaßige Musik und drollig animierte Gimmicks. Für 60 Mark gehört Pong in jede PC-Spielesammlung.
WindowsComputer Games Magazine
So are you going to be playing this game into the millennium? No, of course not. But it has a weird sort of appeal that actually transcends mere nostalgia. And while it's true that the entire concept of a re-make of Pong is ludicrous, and defies most rational evaluation, it remains one of the few practical uses for Geometry in the known universe. And that alone makes it worthwhile.
PlayStationThe Video Game Critic
Pong's control is fair but could have been better. The analog-controlled paddles tend to gain momentum, making it impossible to reverse direction immediately. As a result, you tend to "overrun" and miss balls. Pong is an addictive one-player game, but it's the two to four-player modes that will make believers out of your friends. Hasbro deserves to be commended for bringing back this classic oldie in grand style.
Game Boy ColorNintendo Power Magazine
The first video game ever returns in a Game Boy Color exclusive version featuring colorful variations on the original game. Now you can play with special paddles, on custom fields and with extras such as penguins and secondary paddles. You can even play the original-it's just as good as it's always been.
WindowsPower Play
In den späten 70ern stand ich im Kaufhaus und zockte Pong an einer Demo-Konsole. Riesig! Dieses Suchtgefühl kommt beim neuen Pong natürlich nicht mehr auf, aber es kann schon noch den einen oder anderen Abend fesseln. Wenn nur die nervige Musik und einige völlig unsinnige Leveldesigns nicht wären...
Pro: Wer in der Kaffeepause niemanden findet, mit dem er in den Hinterhof zum Rauchen verschwinden kann, sucht sich einen Rechner und spielt. Denn es macht Spaß, sich langsam vorzuarbeiten und alles auszuprobieren.
Contra: Warum muss man sich in Zeiten der dritten Generation von 3D-Karten grobpixelige und kantige Pinguine ansehen?
Fazit: Ein würdiger Nachfolger: lustig, abwechslungsreich und trotz seiner kümmerlichen Optik spielenswert.
MacintoshMac Addict
The game suffers from overblown Atari nostalgia—by the end, you'll have seen more of the logo than Atari's marketing department did in the early eighties. Its clunky interface is marred by controls you can't modify and poorly designed keyboard presets. Still, Pong is an enjoyable, well-conceived game for a low price. The levels are varied and numerous enough to provide solid entertainment for a good while.
MacintoshMac Gamer
Pong: The Next Level may be a great candidate for those who are looking for something for younger gamers. Just remember that although there's no violence present, some of the arenas require a good bit of skill (or at least tenacity) to beat, and that the mouse may be the only useful controller available. Without a workable multiplayer aspect, however, it's unlikely that this version of Pong would hold anyone else's attention for any great length of time. There is some fun to be had, but in spite of shinier graphics and 3D hooks Pong:The Next Level misses out by not living up to the original's legacy of head-to-head competition. In 2001, Pong can still serve as a casual distraction, but it's just no longer close to being a revolutionary good time.
Few people are likely to get a thrill out of playing the original Pong anymore, and, unfortunately, the Pong of the new generation doesn't do much better.
Game Boy ColorPocket Magazine / Pockett Videogames
Cette nouvelle version de Pong n’apporte pas grand chose de nouveau et les modes de jeu proposés se comptent sur les doigts d’une main. Ils sont tous thématiques, apportant chacun leur petite variante : Classic, Jungle, Arctic, Soccer et Tournament. Le principe n’a pas changé d’un iota depuis l’original. Deux raquettes se renvoient une balle, l’objectif étant de jouer de manière suffisamment précise et rapide pour que l’adversaire ne puisse pas la renvoyer. C’est extrê­mement basique mais très amusant, surtout à deux joueurs en mode Link. Dommage que la réalisation ne soit pas du tout à la hauteur de la production actuelle. Les décors ne sont pas très fouillés et la musique insupportable. La durée de vie est lilliputienne et le manque de variété se fait cruellement ressentir.
If you have a multitap, four controllers, and three friends, then I recommend picking this game up, though don't pay any more than $15 for it. You might also like it if you're really old and have actually played the original, but otherwise don't spend too much time, effort, or money trying to obtain Pong for the Sony Playstation.
Game Boy ColorAll Game Guide
With its ease of play and lack of two-player mode, Pong: The Next Level for the Game Boy Color is little more than a short-term time-waster that will let you kill a few minutes here and there. At best, it's a novelty item. You'd be much better off picking up the PlayStation or PC version of the game, both of which offer head-to-head competition and a relatively high degree of difficulty.
WindowsPC Zone
Pong first dazzled households with its two moving sticks and one bouncing square way back in 1972. Leaps in technology being scarcer and rather millimetric back then, there's a good chance you'd have played it in the late '70s and early '80s, but why would you play it now? You wouldn't, of course, especially when the updating has been done in such a fumbling, half-arsed, mess of a way. The colours are garish, the gameplay irritating - even in a two-player game - and the interface tortuously unfriendly. This is like trying to make your granny sexy by sticking her in red lycra panties and painting her face with cheap lipstick. Disgusting.
WindowsPC Games (Germany)
Für viele Computerspieler war entweder Pong oder Pac Man die erste Erfahrung mit Entertainment auf dem Monitor. Während Pac Man noch immer auf sein Revival wartet (eine 3D-Fassung des Klassikers steht kurz bevor) gibt es den Ball-hin-Ball-her-Klassiker jetzt in einer Neuauflage mit 3D-Unterstützung, Spezialeffekten und jeder Menge modernem Schnick-Schnack. Das Spielprinzip ist so dumpf wie eh und je: Zwei Spieler schlagen eine Pixelkugel hin und her; wer zuerst einfschläft, verliert. Mit seinem praktisch nicht existenten Gameplay, der witzlosen Grafik und absolut schwachsinnigen Soundeffekten qualifiziert sich Pong hiermit zum unnötigsten Spiel des Monats.