Pony World Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

This screen is displayed as the game loads.

These screenshots are from version 1.0 that was included in Idigicon's '5 Games For Girls'
The game's main menu. Initially this is obscured by a prompt for the player to enter an identity or choose one that's already in play. Here that's been taken care of and Moby rancher is logged in
This is the game customisation screen that's accessed via the main menu. There's not a lot that can be tweaked here
Starting the new game. these are the scenarios that the player can choose from.
This is the start of the Tutorial. The key things here are the cabbage patch in the top left and orchard in the bottom left, the produce can be stored and eaten or sold, and the stable upper right
A typical game screen. There are status bars at the bottom of the screen which show the pony's needs.
The building option is accessed via the menu bar at the top of the screen, The Plant's tab is where the player buys more carrot and cabbage fields
The pony's appearance can be customised. This is Adam's makeover, its the shades that make this look work for him
The pony can travel to various locations. Some, such as the memory quiz, count as achievements if completed well. The tab for this is on the lower menu bar
The apple next to the pony's face shows when he/she is hungry.
Here the pony is feeding. The pony picture in the lower right shows his head bobbing up and down as he eats. When he walks it bobs from side to side in a cute way.
The daily newspaper. Page one has weather and news stories, page two has activities and jobs.
These are Adam's statistics. He needs to get a job and log some achievements so he can earn money
This is the Single game. Kevin is a lonely pony looking for a lady. Here he's just got a job which makes him a more desirable match
This is the memory Quiz that ponies can take part in to earn money
The game has a map view which shows more than just one screen's worth of land. Here Kevin's looking for love but there's only boy ponies here
Kevin the pony has just met Victoria. These are the discussion options