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Pool Champion

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Windows 3.x

Advertising Blurbs

Press Release:

    Mindscape Ships Pool Champion

    Take Your Best Shot in this Realistic Simulation & Adventure Game

    Novato, CA - December 15, 1995
    No pool table at home? No problem. Mindscape today announced the release of Pool Champion(tm), a realistic simulation and adventure game, available for Windows and Windows 95 CD-ROM for an estimated street price of $35.00.

    Extensive research into the physics of the game and complex modeling have made Pool Champion one of the most authentic and accurate multimedia games of pool ever. The game features animation that gives users a real-time, 3D player's-eye view of the cue, table, balls, and surroundings. Eight classic pool games, competition against characters with varying degrees of skill and dialogue, and a simplified interface make Pool Champion easy enough for families and exciting enough for the most demanding gamer.

    "Pool Champion lets you take on the sharks from the actual perspective of being behind the eight ball" commented Bob Lloyd, CEO of Mindscape. "We have met the challenge of creating a pool simulation that includes the excitement of tournament play and the feel of the pool hall."

    Realistic Game Play
    The key to Pool Champion's realistic feel is its simulation of actual pool balls. In the game, each ball rolls naturally and interacts with the table, slowing as it rolls and banks. Additionally, the table is scaled properly, unlike many video pool games in which the table does not appear to be the correct length relative to the size of the balls.

    Each scene in Pool Champion has been rendered in high-resolution detail, full color, and CD-quality sound. Pool Champion looks and sounds as good as it plays. The sounds of the game capture the environment of the pool hall. From the roll of the ball across the felt-covered table to the thwack of the balls making contact, players feel like they're actually in a pool hall. To spice up the game, players can even choose their favorite style of background music on the jukebox, from Blues to Rock to Country and Western.

    View the shot from above or from any side of the table. Multiple viewing angles provide the player unprecedented control when lining up a shot. Pool Champion features eight games, including eight ball, fifteen ball, equal offense, cut throat, and rotation. Compete against players in small town halls or professional tournaments. Win money and travel to distant venues or hire a professional "coach" to improve play.

    Rack 'em Up
    Playing Pool Champion can be as complex or as simple as you like. Players line up a "phantom ball" to indicate their aim. Special settings can adjust the power of the shot and the spin applied to the cue ball. The actual shot is then presented in a high-resolution 3D view that shows the player's actual perspective of the action. When the shot is complete, an Instant Replay feature lets the player review the action from nearly any angle.

    System Requirements

    486/66 or better IBM(r) PC or 100% compatible personal computer
    8 MB RAM and a hard drive
    MS-DOS 5.0 and Windows 3.1 or Windows 95
    SVGA 640x480, 256 color
    Supports Roland, Adlib, Soundblaster and 100% Compatibles
    Double Speed CD-ROM Drive (300Kbs-MPC 2 Standard)
    Microsoft-compatible Mouse

    Contributed by skl (1147) on Feb 26, 2004.