Pools of Darkness Screenshots

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Amiga version

Title screen #1
Title screen #2
Title screen #3
Credits SSI
Credits Micro Magic, Inc.
Intro sequence
Demo sequence
Main menu
View character
Start adventure
Encounter with pets
A really hard encounter!
A golem?Not a match for you!

DOS version

The well known Elminster
Scary woods
Fire elemental
Your party
Fight against drow army

PC-98 version

Preparations for title screen...
...and then the title screen itself. Wow... err... impressive :)
Evil is coming...
What a nice group family photo
Character creation
Choosing character icons
Looks like my party of Moby-weirdos is ready to go :)
You are greeted at the harbor
Typical room interior
Exploring the city
Care to buy something?..
Handy auto-map
Camp screen
I think I like this shop... ;)
Some portraits are quite expressive and nice-looking
Yeah, I might need some laundry done... Ya know, them dragons don't care for my new Armani shirts...
Items shop
Found treasure!
At the city gate
A lovely view of the city
Pools of Darkness are waiting...
World map navigation
Random encounter. We are ready!
Uh-oh, that doesn't look good...
Mysterious dungeon
Intense battle against giant creatures in a dungeon
Side quest. Exploring a temple
Caught a thief
Large-scale indoor battle
Halt! Who goes there?... You aren't sure how to handle this...
You get involved in yet another tough battle...