Popcorn Screenshots

User Screenshots

Browser version

Start of the original intro
Non-functional menu in the original intro (in French)
Main menu
Type in the name
Level 01 begins
Sticky paddle
Paddle is dissipated
Pausing the game
Floor is present
Clearing the playfield
Starting the level 02
Extended paddle
Not many bricks are left
Laser paddle
Start of level 03
Start of level 04
Eliminating hard-breakable bricks
Game over
High Scores
Level with teleports in Demo

DOS version

opening screen
Level editor
Flashy high scores table
It's nice to have three balls! Uh... you know what I mean
You've just eaten the letter L; you can now shoot at the bricks with your pad
A new type of bricks: hit them several times to destroy them completely
The big head with glasses looks remarkably like the well-known Chicago Bulls player Horace Grant
Here, you must first break the barrier in order to get to the letter-containing regular bricks
If you eat a "plus" sign, you go to this bonus level. If you manage to send the ball into the hole, you'll automatically proceed to the next level
Those white bricks cannot be broken and are there to annoy you
You must send the ball between the white brick complexes to break the regular balls. Monsters here disturb you right from the beginning
This level is tough. No regular bricks, no letters. At least it slows down when you hit a special brick which makes your ball descend with a parachute
It's not uncommon to spend a long time trying to destroy that last brick. A monster has just sacrificed his life for your success: it looks like he helped you to find the right angle
Break those balls to uncover the picture

Windows version

Start of the original intro
Non-functional menu in the original intro (in French)
Main menu
Type in the name
Start of the level 01
Sticky paddle
Three balls
Laser paddle and floor appears
Playfield is cleared
Level 02 is started to be broken out
Long paddle
Level 03 introduces hard breakable bricks
Game Over
Demo shows a one of 50 levels
Paddle is dissipated
Pausing the game
White breaks are unbreakable
Parachuted ball
Animation in the center should be also uncovered
Design of level 10
Ball should be teleported on this level, while it is also parachuted
High Scores in Red Palette
Level 01 with Left panel in Red palette
Green Palette
Monochrome Palette