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Flawed translation, but better than it could have been Intellivision Alan Schriver (4)

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Platform Votes Score
Arcade 12 3.3
Atari 2600 8 3.1
Atari 5200 5 3.5
Atari 8-bit 6 3.9
ColecoVision 7 4.0
Commodore 64 11 3.4
Intellivision 5 3.7
NES 36 3.2
Odyssey 2 Awaiting 5 votes...
TI-99/4A Awaiting 5 votes...
Combined User Score 90 3.4

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TI-99/4ATeleMatch (Jan, 1985)
Exzellente Grafik, effektvoll eingesetzter Sound und eine flotte Spielgeschwindigkeit sind die Voraussetzung für eine spaßige Unterhaltung, die ohne Bedenken auch Kindern in die Hand gegeben werden kann.
ColecoVisionTeleMatch (Nov, 1983)
Popeye ist im Gegensatz zu vielen Videospielen mit makabren, brutalen und einfallslosen Ballerstories ein wirkliches Spiel. Es tut sich, nicht zuletzt dank der verschiedenen Bildschirm-Darstellungen, so allerlei auf der Mattscheibe, sowohl bei Atari als auch bei Colecovision.
ColecoVisionBig K (Jun, 1984)
Of the two versions out from Parker so far, the ColecoVision edition comes closest to the arcade original. Bluto, especially, is excellently characterised. Coleco's sound system is more than up to the task of belting out "I'm Popeye the Sailor Man" whenever our one-eyed hero downs a can of spinach.
NESThe Video Game Critic (Nov 05, 2008)
Avoiding Brutus is largely a game of cat-and-mouse, but eating your spinach lets you turn the tables on him, delivering a mighty punch that sends him bouncing around the screen. Just be sure to keep moving because Brutus is quite nimble for his size, and can pounce on you unpredictably. Each screens offers its own unique elements, like a trap you can trigger or a teeter-totter that catapults you to a higher platform. The music is also first-rate. Not only does each screen feature its own catchy jingle, but a lively rendition of the Popeye theme plays when you eat your spinach. Some might contend Popeye is a second-tier platform title, but I haven't had this much fun on my NES in a while.
Atari 5200The Video Game Critic (Nov 04, 2001)
In this cartoon-inspired platform game, you play Popeye, trying to catch Olive Oyl's "hearts" while avoiding the evil Bluto. Bluto is pretty relentless, however, once per screen Popeye can grab a can of spinach and turn the tables on that big bully. Popeye is available on several consoles, but this is probably the best version I've seen. The characters are multicolored, well animated, and easy to identify (unlike the Colecovision version). All three screens are included, and each has its own musical theme. Even the control is solid. My only complaint that the collision detection seems a little fishy at times. Otherwise, this is the next best thing to having the arcade game in your home.
Atari 2600The Video Game Critic (Oct 04, 2003)
Although there's only one skill level, the level of difficulty is just right (a little on the hard side). If you haven't been spoiled by the Colecovision version yet, you'll have a great time with this one.
NESRetro Game Reviews (Apr 13, 2016)
Popeye has pretty much everything you could want in an early Arcade game and this home console port is recommended to anyone that enjoys Donkey Kong. Being an early NES Black Box title means it is light on content but the gameplay is so fun that you'll find yourself returning to it time and again for a quick blast.
Popeye looks great, sounds great and plays great! It retains the look & feel of the cartoon characters and it a lot of fun to play. There are plenty of random attacks on Popeye to keep it interesting and offers 2-player options.
Atari 2600TeleMatch (Nov, 1983)
Popeye ist im Gegensatz zu vielen Videospielen mit makabren, brutalen und einfallslosen Ballerstories ein wirkliches Spiel. Es tut sich, nicht zuletzt dank der verschiedenen Bildschirm-Darstellungen, so allerlei auf der Mattscheibe, sowohl bei Atari als auch bei Colecovision.
Popeye is one of my all time favorite Nintendo games and to think Nintendo themselves made it too. The game is just like classic arcade titles from the 80s that we all use to play when on vacation or at local restaurants or pizza joints that had the Nintendo multi-game arcade machines. With all these new 3D games out there today I still enjoy putting on Popeye to have fun. This game will remind you that gaming is about having fun and not about collection the most achievements or trophies. Popeye is worth owning and should be purchased if you call yourself a gamer or if you like to have fun when playing video games.
80 (May 25, 2009)
Popeye risulta dunque un titolo molto intrigante, altamente giocabile, con personaggi ben caratterizzati, una buona colonna sonora e un livello di sfida notevole, l’unica pecca che ne abbassa di poco il giudizio finale è solamente l’estrema ripetitività, caratteristica comunque molto comune per tutti i titoli di derivazione arcade dello stesso periodo.
Atari 2600Game Freaks 365 (Jul 05, 2007)
What then is my conclusion? First of all, Popeye is a fun game. It is a bit of a one-trick pony in that there aren't multiple game modes, but the mode that is here is quite entertaining. I will concede, however, that this game won't last forever in all likelihood. Aesthetically, particularly in the area of sound, Popeye is excellent. If you are a fan of Popeye, there is no logical reason for you not to give this game a try. Actually, if you're a fan of the Atari 2600 at all, there's little reason for you to skip out on this game. I would recommend that any true fan of the Atari 2600 consider buying this game.
Atari 2600neXGam (Jun 27, 2013)
Auch der Spinat fehlt übrigens nicht - einmal pro Level habt ihr Gelegenheit das grüne Zeug in euch hinein zu mampfen und dem Fiesling dann den berühmten linken Schwinger auskosten zu lassen. Die Animation entbehrt zwar nicht einer gewissen Lächerlichkeit, aber dafür seid ihr den Unhold vorerst los.
Popeye is also much easier in the home version. It's easier to get him up and down stairs. Sometimes a little too easy. That is, he'll go up and down by himself if you're not careful. He's especially fond of descending the ladder from the middle level to the lower level. Graphics and omissions aside, though, the game is good. Most of the game play elements have survived intact making this a fine translation.
NESNES Archives (Feb 21, 2008)
If you like arcade classics or are a big fan of Popeye you will enjoy this game greatly. If you just like NES games you will probably find this game enjoyable for short periods. Either way it is worth playing at least once or twice.
ColecoVisionThe Video Game Critic (Mar 26, 2000)
In this likeable platform game, Popeye must collect floating objects thrown by Olive Oyl from the top of the screen while avoiding Bluto and other hazards. When Popeye eats his spinach, which appears once per round, he can turn the tables on Bluto -- sending him flying with one punch. This is a terrific version of the arcade hit, featuring all three screens (including the pirate ship). Although the scenery looks lovely, the characters aren't nearly as impressive. Popeye is solid white, and Bluto and Olive Oyl don't look so hot either. At least the excellent music and sound effects are arcade-perfect. Popeye is a blast to play, and with six different skill levels, it's always a challenge.
Atari 5200Retro4Ever (May 29, 2013)
Overall, Popeye for the Atari 5200 is definitely worth a pickup. While there are better games out there on the system, this is a solid title that should keep you entertained for hours. If you don’t have a 5200, I would recommend picking up the title on the NES as it has similar gameplay. It can be picked up for under $5 on the Atari 5200, or for around $15 on the NES – it was one of the first games released on the NES. In any case, I would pick this game up one way or another.
It’s a great use of the license, with nice graphics representing all the show’s characters, along with that famous theme song that we all know and love.
ArcadeAll Game Guide (1998)
At best, Popeye is a mediocre platform game that doesn't compare to classics like Dig Dug or Donkey Kong. Still, there is something about it that keeps you playing.
NESAll Game Guide (1998)
Popeye's biggest weakness is redundancy. Each level requires you to do basically the same thing: gather floating objects. Even so, it is a fun game that can be enjoyed by the entire family.
IntellivisionThe Video Game Critic (Sep 26, 2010)
I can nitpick all day, but if you're looking for some true-blue arcade action for the Intellivision, Popeye hits the spot.
Le graphisme et l'animation sont bons et le rendu des personnages est fidèle au dessin animé. On regrettera seulement qu'il n'y ait que trois tableaux. Jeu simple et distrayant qui ne manque pas d'humour.
TI-99/4AMicro 7 (Feb, 1984)
Popeye a remplacé Mario et Olive sa petite fiancée, mais il s'agit toujours de dangers qui vous guettent au détour d'une échelle. Les caractères sont très réussis et rappellent fidèlement le dessin animé.
NESHonestGamers (Mar 08, 2013)
Ultimately, Popeye can be thought of as a poor man's Donkey Kong. The game is competent but inferior, since Donkey Kong outshines it in just about every department despite of the stage that Nintendo chopped from the home conversion. Popeye is only worth playing as an old school score attack arcade-type game if you're sick of both Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong Jr., or if you're the only person living in the 21st century who still cares about Popeye.
NESTilt (Dec, 1987)
Le principal reproche que l'on puisse adresser à ce jeu concerne sa réalisation baclée. Certes, les personnages sont tout à fait identifiables mais les décors sont laids car basés sur des rectangles de couleurs de trop grande dimension. Autre facteur de déception : la bande sonore désagréable et lassante. En revanche, l'animation s'avère fort réussie. En conclusion, une cartouche qui ne vaut pas le détour.
42 (Jan, 2013)
Unless you’re a point warrior who likes to collect points like the young’uns collect Achievements, there’s no reason to continue playing Popeye. The levels grow tedious and Olive Oyl isn’t really a figure I enjoy rescuing. Popeye definitely sits with Nintendo’s lesser works, like Donkey Kong 3 or Clu Clu Land; not terrible, but curious.
NESPower Play (Sep, 1988)
Drei Bilder mit mickriger Grafik. Nur für Oldie-Fans.
Odyssey 2The Video Game Critic (Jun 25, 2002)
At least Parker Bros. managed to incorporate the part where you can drop a bucket on Bluto's head, but it's difficult to execute and really not worth the effort. Also included is a two-player mode where the second player controls Bluto. The sound effects are decent and include a nice rendition of the Popeye theme. Popeye for the Odyssey is hideous for sure, but if the graphics don't scare you off you're in for a fair amount of arcade action.