Popful Mail Screenshots

User Screenshots

PC-88 version

Title screen
Shop for severed heads
Muttonhead is called Material in this version
Start of the game
Talking with one of the locals
Inventory screen
Hey, stop dropping boulders on me
First boss - Mad Bomber

PC-98 version

Cute title screen
Mail is running through a forest
Mail, up close and personal
Lots of funny graphics in this one
Mail, meet Mr. Head
Mail rushes to town
Where is the manager? For the hundredth time, I ordered a table dance WITHOUT a severed head. How many times should I repeat that?!
Dangerous criminal Gotta catch him!
Walking on the map
The forest of the elves
Nasty guys attack
Climbing action
Spiders. Of course
Defeated enemies leave money bags
Those guys are throwing rocks at me!
Riding a platform
Murderous heads
Cute loading screen

TurboGrafx CD version

Title screen
Conversation in a tavern
This guy looks a bit like Brezhnev, the old Soviet leader
Close-up on the heroine
Options menu
The adventure begins!
Navigating Mail on the map
Elven forest
Equipment menu
Enemies turn into gold bags!
Someone needs rescuing...
The pesky wizard shoots energy balls at me
The spider quickly climbs down to attack
Elven village
Just having conversation...
Mountain area. These guys throw stones at me
Levels are full of doors and different exits
Boss battle. This guy can hurt me seriously
Game Over with leotard-clad Mail
Buying-selling menu in a store