Popstar Maker Credits


Design & Lead ArtistSteven Gratton
Original ConceptAndrew Norman
ArtistsStewart Brownsmith, Dean Turner
Additional ArtworkNeil Adamson, Dave Colledge
Project Manager & Lead ProgrammerAndrew Ware
3d ProgrammerDamian McKenna
ProgrammersNarinder Singh Basran, Tony Reeves, Richard Teather, Karl Wraight
Executive Producer - EidosGary Moore
Producer ‑ EidosAndy O'Dowd
QA ManagerChris Rowley
QA Assistant ManagerGhulam Khan
QA SupervisorsAlexandre Lepoureau, David Pettit, John Ree
Localisation ManagerPaul Motion
Senior Lead TesterJohn Walsh
TestersKeir Edmonds, Stuart Fallis, Alex Hood, Kwesi Moodie, Joe Neate, Michael Owusu, Luke Timms, Derren Toussaint, Marc Webb, Anthony Wicker, Olivia Wood
Localisation testersMaike Loane, Arnaud Messager, Iain Willows
Marketing ManagerHelen Lawson
PR ManagerEva Whitlow
Packaging design and IllustrationAndrew Cockell
Special Thanks ToLouise Fisher, Jason Walker
MasteringPhil Spencer, Jason Walker

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Credits for this game were contributed by Jason Walker (1776)