Ports of Call Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
Entering the playing duration
Select any of the 28 ports as a home port
World simulation display
The office
Buy or sell ships at the ship market
Ship info
Port display
Chartering the ship
Some action: There is a time limit to leave the harbor
Looks good. The blue exit is near.
Stormy weather ahead!

DOS version

Title screen
Starting parameters of new game
Difficulty selection
Number of players
Generating a character
Setting your home port
And here it is!
The world map -- you will be tracking your ships' progress on this a great deal.
The office of your shipping company
Office options
In the market for a new boat?
Maybe one of these will suit you?
Terms of purchase
Ship-in-port options
The money saves you an arcade sequence...
If you like parallel parking, you'll love this.
Huge threats menace your bottom line
Small ones also interfere with your making a profitable go of things
Fortunately, someone is almost always around to bail you out... for a price.
Finally, delivering a load of cargo! Note my grand total.
The gruff tone of the docks is not conducive to encouraging new players.
This report is not promising...
Game over!
(... but no hard feelings, right?)