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Postal III (Windows)

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AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 1.3
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 1.4
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 2.1
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 1.4
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 2.1
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed 1.9
Overall MobyScore (7 votes) 1.7

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Tout aussi subversif mais sans doute moins glauque et moins dérangeant que son prédécesseur, Postal III remplit parfaitement son rôle d'exutoire cathartique, où l'ultra-violence le dispute au mauvais goût. Mais on aurait bien aimé qu'il soit aussi un vrai jeu, avec de vraies missions, un vrai moteur graphique et une jouabilité décente. En l'état, ce troisième volet est affublé de trop nombreux défauts pour pouvoir justifier son prix de vente ; on compte sur l'équipe de Running With Scissors (mais aussi sur les moddeurs, ne nous le cachons pas) pour rectifier rapidement le tir. Vous pourrez alors profiter d'un shooter décent, souvent très con, parfois hilarant, et finalement plus fun que ne le fut Duke Nukem Forever.
My hat goes off to Running With Scissors to be ballsy enough to make yet another game that's completely unapologetic in its treatment of risque and taboo subject matter. It's hard to imagine anyone not being offended by Postal III. That's a big selling point for some folks, but the uninspired gameplay and serious technical glitches all but kill this dark, occasionally humorous, and extreme exercise in freedom of expression.
GameStar (Germany)
Ich könnte Romane damit füllen, was an Postal 3 nicht stimmt. Um das Ganze abzukürzen, reichen aber drei Worte: Ich bin schockiert. Nicht etwa von Gewaltdarstellung und den geschmacklosen Witzen, die viele in der Reihe sehen. Nein, ich bin schockiert, dass sich Postal 3 als spielerisch schwacher, technisch steinalter Datenhaufen entpuppt, der rein gar nichts mehr wirklich Besonders hat. Herrje, Postal 3 regt nicht mal mehr zu kontroversen Diskussionen an! Im Endeffekt besteht es nur aus belangloser Spielmechanik, die mies von anderen Spielen abgeguckt wurde und nichts mehr mit Postal zu tun hat. Damit ist Postal 3 für mich eine der größten Enttäuschungen des Jahres 2011. Was haben die Entwickler nur acht Jahre lang gemacht?
PC Gameplay (Benelux)
Dit spel spreekt een bepaald prepuberaal niveau in je hersenen aan en bevat een soort perversiteit die je aanzet tot langer spelen. Maar dit weegt totaal niet op tegen de slechte afwerking.
The issue is this. The Postal games have always been unoriginal by gameplay standards, but have always made up for it with hilarious situations. Unfortunately, this Postal game seems to have taken too much from inspirations like Gears of War. It literally feels like they spent half the time the game was in development watching Jackass, and the other half reading 14 year old boys’ Blogspots. They then combined the two and decided to make a clunky game out of it.
Cheat Happens
Some of the best games of all time have been described as "jaw dropping," and Postal III is no different. Unfortunately, it's not for the same reasons. The game does a great job pushing the envelope, but with no context, it's just done for shock value. If the developers would have put as much thought into their gameplay as they did the shock value, Postal III could have been something to remember, but in its current state it's something you'll want to forget.
Canadian Online Gamers Network
Despite some clever weapon design, the game never really gets rolling, making it difficult to recommend. Some players may enjoy the rawness of the content, but in my opinion there is not enough substance here to warrant much attention. Postal 3 just feels half baked. In other words, a great deal more time should have been spent in the planning stage. Potential exists within the franchise, but the developers have missed the mark this time. As a person who generally enjoys edgy humour, I found Postal 3 to be distasteful. The proverbial line is crossed constantly and instead of being funny, it comes off as disturbing. From top to bottom, Postal 3 is largely a game you should avoid.
Im Gegenzug erhält man eine technische Umsetzung, die als Schädigung der geistigen Gesundheit auf der Verpackung proklamiert werden sollte. Ein paar gute Ideen und lustige Momente sind immer noch zu finden, doch selbst Hardcore-Fans würde ich den Ausflug nach Catharsis zum Vollpreis nicht empfehlen. Diese warten lieber auf eine Sonderaktion auf Steam, die sicherlich folgen wird. Für alle anderen dreht sich die Welt weiter. Schon traurig, wenn selbst eine Uwe-Boll-Verfilmung mehr Spaß bereitet.
Chiariamo subito le cose: non abbiamo alcun problema con le tematiche affrontate da Postal III, nonostante l'umorismo del gioco sia così di bassa lega da intristire anziché strapparci una risata. Siamo per la libertà di espressione e dunque ben venga anche questa visione volutamente assurda ed esagerata di temi come l'integrazione sociale, le malattie sessualmente trasmissibili (vogliamo parlare delle scimmie malate di AIDS che infettano i passanti in modo quantomeno fantasioso?) e ovviamente la violenza. Il problema è che non si può realizzare un prodotto "oltraggioso" e sperare che la gente ne parli e lo acquisti semplicemente per questo motivo, e purtroppo il terzo episodio di Postal, forse più dei precedenti, è chiaramente impostato in tale maniera, viste le evidenti mancanze in termini di qualità e varietà del gameplay. Lasciatelo perdere.
Spazio Games
Postal III è una delusione per tanti fattori: il titolo non impara nulla dagli errori commessi in passato sia a livello puramente videoludico che materiale, andando anzi ad appesantire il livello di gore ed inciviltà che hanno caratterizzato nel bene e nel male il successo della serie. Diversi titoli insegnano come il trash, se usato con parsimonia, possa rivelarsi utile e funzionale al progetto, mandando magari segnali importanti all’utenza, ma Running With Scissors calca nuovamente la mano, superando la soglia della tollerabilità. Se per rimediare a questi errori non si è fatto nulla, a livello tecnico si è fatto poco per stare perlomeno al passo della concorrenza, sfoggiando intelligenza artificiale, texture e giocabilità rimasti indietro anni, chiaro segno di come gli sviluppatori si siano affidati solamente al lato sopra le righe del titolo per sperare nel successo. Scommessa azzardata che difficilmente premierà.
Though you can get some depraved enjoyment and mild catharsis out of such villainy, it is small consolation for the aggravations you must endure while playing Postal III. On top of the defective gameplay and barely functional AI (which makes the few escort missions excruciatingly bad), this is an ugly and unstable game. Homely character models, rough textures, and ungainly animations paired with visual bugs and intermittent crashes add technical deficiency to the long list of flaws. Although there's an alternate ending for going the peaceful route, there's too much wrong with Postal III to make it worth playing even once.
Game Shark
Because of the technical ineptitude and the lousy level design, I can’t recommend the game for those looking to have a good time with its mechanics. I suppose someone less desensitized could still find Postal III offensive in an enjoyable way, but the odds are if you’ve been through the previous games this will disappoint on that front as well. I never thought a day would come where I couldn’t be shocked by a Postal game, but come and gone Postal III is already out of my thoughts because it couldn’t drive me out of my mind.
PC Gamer
The open-world missions that unlock upon completion give some clue to the developers’ unrealised ambitions. Just buy Postal 2 on Gog. com. It’s got everything Postal 3 has, plus an open world, 20% better jokes and Gary Coleman. And to anyone who thinks Bin Laden is edgy, insight-free gay jokes are hilariously un-PC, or that a badger melee weapon is rib-ticklingly surreal, please consider donating your organs to someone who’ll use them.
Gry OnLine
Postal Dude po wydarzeniach w Paradise City przeprowadza się do nowego miasteczka – Catharsis City. Oczywiście po to, by ponownie oddać się grzechowi i rozpuście, a przy okazji zarobić parę groszy na swe utrzymanie. Nic więcej nas nie obchodzi, choć od samego początku co kilkadziesiąt sekund jesteśmy raczeni tym, co gra ma najlepszego do zaoferowania: komiksowymi przerywnikami okraszonymi niezłym głosem narratora, czyli Kolesia. Problem w tym, że filmiki te – w moim odczuciu – nie są ani śmieszne, ani w żaden sposób obrazoburcze, jak chcieliby niektórzy. Nie wiem, może to moje poczucie humoru szwankuje, bo nie pamiętam, by przez cały spędzony z grą czas, a więc jakieś 5 godzin z hakiem, choć raz coś mnie rozśmieszyło. Albo zniesmaczyło, a to chyba jeszcze gorzej. Ponurak ze mnie, ot co. W każdym razie to i tak jedyny element Postala III, który nie budzi zażenowania.
Hra určená herním fetišistům, kteří se vezou na stejné vlně humoru, ale hlavně jsou ochotni s grácií ohnout hřbet před neuvěřitelně frustrujícím prostředím plným chyb a zoufalé umělé inteligence.
Hooked Gamers
Postal II is a guilty pleasure game for many people, but Postal III at no point gets anything near pleasure. It’s poorly coded, poorly designed and just not fun to play. Its attempts at humour fall flat on countless occasions, coming off as insulting and frankly idiotic. Whilst 13 year olds who still laugh at fart jokes will revel in its stupidity (if they are able to find a place that actually sells the game, because the Steam page has been mysteriously removed and it hasn’t received a retail release), everybody else will just be left feeling degraded and violated by what they have just ‘played’.
It's frankly incredible to think that Running with Scissors made fans wait eight years for this. Is the trademark Postal "humor" still there? Postal Dude's frequent remarks about hoping to "kill women and minorities first" say hello. But a lack of freedom, unforgivable glitchiness, and generally terrible design make this a hard sell even for fans of the series. Even so, I'll always remember Postal III for the moment it gave me the chance to sock the smug grin right off the face of everyone's least favorite film director, Uwe Boll. It's every self-respecting gamer's fantasy, but at that point I really, really just wanted the game to be over.
Game Arena
I guess congratulations are in order. Postal 3 wanted to offend me and it succeeded. It wasn't the racist stereotyping, the rampant sexism, the spankerchiefs or the laughable gore. All of that is done in a manner so pedestrian that I'm more embarrassed for them than I am offended. What offended me was that people are actually selling this. That RunningWithScissors/Akella would have the balls to slap a 'finished' label on this title and start taking people's money.
It doesn't get any better for Postal 3; it's irredeemable and, frankly, I'm running out of synonyms to describe how utterly appalling it is. It isn't fun to play, it regularly breaks for those who persevere, it isn't as funny as it thinks, the graphics are bad and you can't even share the misery online; if you need more reasons to avoid this unsurprisingly terrible game then I don't know what to say to you.
Game Informer Magazine
Even moving beyond the immature, purposefully offensive sense of humor, there’s nothing redeeming about Postal III’s frustrating, buggy gameplay. When I completed the game, it challenged me to go back and try finishing levels using non-lethal means to unlock new areas, a suggestion that warranted one of the only laughs I had through the entire experience. At one point Postal III tasks you with collecting HIV-infected cats; I’d rather do that in real life than play this awful game again.
Absolute Games (
Postal 3 сходу предупреждает: «…содержит сцены насилия и жестокости, похабный юмор, грубую брань и нецензурную лексику, а потому настоятельно не рекомендуется людям с тонкой душевной организацией, представителям всевозможных общественных и религиозных движений, а также всем, кто считает, что все либо некоторые из вышеперечисленных вещей могут их оскорбить». Разработчики, конечно, польстили себе — ЭТО вообще никому не рекомендуется. Здешние «сцены насилия и жестокости» — детский лепет после Manhunt, а «нецензурная лексика» не напугает и первоклассника. Бездарность не скрыть за литрами томатного сока и матерными воплями, но в Trashmasters так ничего и не поняли, несмотря на провалившийся «Штопор Жж0т!».
Svenska PC Gamer
I sitt nuvarande skick är det både en fysisk plåga att spela och en förolämpning mot den mest enkelspåriga spelare. Det värsta av allt är att utvecklare och utgivare är väl medvetna om detta, men att de ändå har mage att faktiskt ta betalt för detta avskräde.
Gaming Nexus
In comparison to current games on the market, Postal III resembles an ancient relic of past video game controversy where the use of vulgar language and excessive violence were considered shocking to the public. The value for the game is exceedingly low with only around four to five hours of gameplay and little incentive to replay any of the lackluster levels. The uninspired gameplay, incoherent narrative, and off-color humor of Postal III result in a game that has clearly passed its expiration date.
It crashes constantly, the movement and aiming is as wonky as the developer's moral compass, and the melee combat just flat out doesn't work most of the time. The load times meanwhile, including after every time you die, can be measured in geological ages. There's nothing to do in the game except fight and yet for the majority of the time it's impossible to do so with any accuracy or consistency.