Potsworth & Co. Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amstrad CPC version

Loading screen
Main menu
Ready to go
Game start
The crate wll hit the switch to activate the moving platform
Which I'm now using
Watch the beach ball
Items in awkward places offer points bonuses
Watch the flame
This platform is dangerous
An apparent dead end
Level 2
Jumping onto the next set of blocks
Thin ledges
Level 3 starts Potsworth himself
Dogged persistance is required
Avoid the spray
Some jumps coming up
On thin ice
Which way now?
Level 4 - small temporary ledges cna be created on this level
These pipes can be traversed
Lifting me higher and higher
Narrow route here
A small jump needed
Using the briefly-active flight powerup
Careful as you go down
There are gaps to watch
Different directions

Atari ST version

Title picture
Level select: it seems I have to work hard to open the levels
Beginning of level 1
Closed door. Maybe if something heavy would be sitting on the button to open it ...
... push a box over the border hoping it hits the button below to open the door
It worked, the door is open
A revolver is hunting me. Hopefully he is not going to shoot!
Narrow passages can be passed by crouching
Found an item!

Commodore 64 version

Loading Screen
Copyright notice
Get ready
First level
A rather awkward enemy, a moving gun with a severed hand

ZX Spectrum version

Load screen
Game menu & credits
Action key redefinition
After selecting the controller the game needs the data on side 2 of the tape
Start of Zone 1
So I've just come through this door and the game has started
There's a crate in my way. I wonder what happens if I push it ...
... it falls onto this button and that turns on the lift like thing
Gone up in the lift. That thing floating in mid air is something I'm supposed to collect
.. and it activates another elevator
This is a conveyor belt. If i crouch down it throws me off the end and I must climb back up again. I thing there's two guns to be collected by riding it though