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POW!!! NES Theo Jones (11)

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NES 14 3.7
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Combined User Score 14 3.7

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NESTop Secret (Mar, 1993)
Akcja gry nie jest monotonna, przeciwnicy często się zmieniają. Walka z dużym helikopterem i grubasem w windzie może dostarczyć bardzo wielu emocji. Jest to chyba jedna z lepszych "strzelanek". Animacja bardzo ładna, a grafika starannie przemyślana.
NESVideoGame (Mar, 1991)
Preso no território inimigo, você deve fugir, libertando seus amigos, e impedir o objetivo do exército adversário, que é o de provocar um colapso econômico global.
75 (Jan, 2013)
Prisoners of War is your standard Eighties beat-em-up, chock full of one-man-against-every-terrorist-organization-itis, body count higher than the population of third-world countries, and a beyond thunderous soundtrack.
Another war game from SNK. Nothing spectacular here, just a good solid game. Punch and kick lovers will have their hands full with a formidable enemy and challenging end-of-level Bosses. Other than Double Dragon 2, this is the best kung-fu type game this fall.
ArcadePower Play (Jan, 1989)
Wer P.O.W. zu seinem Lieblingsautomaten küren will, sollte einige Markstücke bereitlegen, denn es ist nicht einfach. Meistens tänzeln vier bis fünf Soldaten herum, die gleichzeitig angreifen. Zu zweit wird das Spiel übrigens einfacher, denn es erscheinen nicht wesentlich mehr Gegner am Schirm. Wer Hauruck-Action und deftige Raufereien mag, wird P.O.W. mögen - ich bin nicht sonderlich begeistert.
To help extend the game, SNK at least added bonus rooms/areas that can be entered to gain power-ups and extra health. Lacking, however, is the two-player simultaneous mode that the arcade version enjoyed. It’s not the finest example of the beat ’em up genre, but good enough for a bare-knuckled whirl or two.
ArcadeCommodore User (Nov, 1988)
P.O.W. doesn't break many rules. It's a good solid beat 'em up with reasonable graphics, fairly faithfully following in the footsteps of the likes of Double Dragon and Renegade. The controls are smooth and the sound effects, in particular, are excellent, a successful kick or punch resulting in a satisfying "THWOKKKK" accompanying the elimination of your foe. Not a frontier crosser by any means but no doubt it'll go down just fine with those many fans of coin-op fisticuffs that throng the arcades around the land.
ArcadeAll Game Guide (1998)
P.O.W. is basically a Double Dragon clone. Only if you're desperate to play a side-scrolling fighter and can't find any other acceptable substitutes should you consider giving this game your money.
PSPPSP Minis (Jan 09, 2012)
I could hardly imagine nostalgic gamers having a good experience replaying this game. They’d be surprised at how they did even like it a long time ago. I tried finishing this game with the default credits, but it is not possible at all. There is an option that rewards you with a bonus life every time you reach a certain amount of score, but I never reached the score, instead relying on mashing Triangle for infinite credits. Call it lack of skills on my part, but this game is neither interesting nor enjoyable enough to warrant my passion and love for everything that is challenging. P.O.W. – Prisoners of War should have been executed in the first place and never allowed to escape to reach the public. Dislike me for hating, but this game is exclusively for those who had a special connection with it in the past. I didn’t, and you likely wouldn’t.