P.O.W.: Prisoners of War Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Title screen
First soldier to kill
He now can fly
Out of prison
Soldiers with knives
Machine gun
Watch out, grenades
Typical fight
On the ladder
Roof fight
I'm surrounded
Red enemies
Motorbike man
Blue beret
Little shootout
Easy target
Ass attack

NES version

Japanese title screen.
you set off a bomb to escape your cell and blow up the door
You can now escape
fight your way out
Inside a hut, new weapon powerup on the left.
say hello to my little friend
climbing ladder
end of level helicopter boss
level complete
level 2 starts
enemy biker
inside a truck
A checkpoint can't stop a determined soldier.
Mission Briefing
Inside the enemy chemical labs
Dangerous Construction Pressers
A fight on board an elevator is tight.
Enemy Headquarters
The forest is patrolled by grenadiers.
Enemies sneak up in the water.
Additional Scuba Soldiers drop into the water.
A particularly acrobatic enemy
But... I just wanted to touch the button...
Shot by a well-aiming enemy guard.
Wander into the building and punch out some guards.
Clear the way through enemy soldiers with a machine gun.
Combat against an enemy tank
A waterfall escape, just like in the movies.
game over