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Before Power Blazer was released in the US as Power Blade, it underwent some considerable changes and was almost dropped completely

The changes are as follows:

Graphical changes: Modified cutscenes, a completely new intro cinematic, new player-sprite, modified and new enemy sprites and bosses. The background graphics also received a complete overhaul although the themes for the different levels are the same and some background graphics are re-used.

Changes in gameplay: The main character is faster and jumps higher. The boomerang can be thrown in 8 directions instead of just straight ahead. The Boomerang's energy bar recharges faster and its range is higher. There is also a power-up that enables the player to throw several boomerangs at once.

The level design is completely different. While the levels in Power Blazer were strictly linear, in Power Blade, there are different paths that can be taken, and the player is required to find a key-card to finish a level. Several new enemy types are introduced and the attack patterns of old enemies were changed. The boss-fights are almost identical apart from graphical changes. Finally, the Power Suit is another feature unique to the US release.

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