Power Drive Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga CD32 version

A long render video ends with the U.S.Gold CD Production logo
Title screen
Language selection
Enter name
Select vehicle
Round 1
Game start
Failed to qualify
Repair the car
Event 2
Event 2 start
The game has the strangest control scheme. The car only turns in 45 degree angles. Takes some time to get used to.

DOS version

Title screen/Main menu
Buying a car.
The upcoming race
Qualifier begins.
Wiping out early.
Fixing up my car.
This landing is not gonna be good.
Good stuff I won!
Racing in the rain.

Game Gear version

Title screen
Upgrade your car if you have the money.
Monte Carlo, here I come!

Genesis version

Choose language
Developer logo
Main menu
Control Setup
Initials input
Ready for stage 1
Choose your weapon
We're underway
Corner coming up
Bit of damage to the car
Out of control after going through the bridge
Finished the stage
Over the bridge
Damage report
Stage 2 is against another car
Stage 3 is at night
Good job you repaired the headlights, eh?
Oh dear

SNES version

Language selection
Main menu
Name entry
Choose your car and its colour.
Next Event
Time Trial
Take the bend
Driving down the straight
Another bend
Stage Results
Check your vehicle
Time for a race