Power Instinct Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Player select
First fight
Duel starts
I win!
Chun-li kicks rip-off
Native Americans tribe
Punch in balls
Mirror match

Genesis version

Title screen
Some story
Best players table
Main menu
Eight difficulty levels!
Ouch! Don't hit me with ice!
Karaoke mode... sing to the music. Oh well
Practice mode
Fighting in a green mysteriously-looking room
Battle Royal mode
Vs. mode
Parking lot scenery. Jumping high
Story mode: world map
Story mode: the confrontation!
Fighting in a temple
New challenger bears the sign of a rabbit
Fighting a pesky old woman. Thunder and lightning scare you
Cool! Round completed
Fighting yourself
Want some popcorn?

SNES version

Title screen
Choose a fighter.
World map
Matchup screen
Round 1
Kneeing an opponent.
Opponent is in a daze.
Points being tallied.
The winner is still looking for a fight.
A new challenger offers to fight.
A new fight commences.
Input initials.
Game over
High scores list
Life attack options
The screen before life attack starts.
Try to get through as many enemies as possible on 1 life bar.
Practice 1 options
The opponent won't strike back in the practice 1 mode.
Practice 2 options
Practice fighting any opponent in the game.
Game paused.