Power Strike Screenshots

User Screenshots

J2ME version

Main game screen
Game info screen
You start with a single-shot cannon.
Some power-ups acquired, shown in the bottom left corner.
Stage 1 boss
Stage 1 cleared.
Starting the second stage in a desolate landscape, but surrounded by shields.
Stage 2 boss: this looks tough.
Level 3 in an alien environment
This goes a lot easier once you enable auto-fire. I'm equiped with a triple-shot cannon and an additional laser beam.
Extra stages: these little guys provide add-ons for your current weapons.

MSX version

Title screen
Aleste story - The Prologue
The world is under attack
Creapy creatures
Get ready for your mission
Round 2
Round 3
Round 4

SEGA Master System version

Japanese title screen
Round 1
Get the No. 4 for a brand-new weapon
Your ship exploded
Round 2
That think may look pretty. Too bad it's deadly
Flying over dense forest
That purple ship is really getting on my nerves
Round 3
Flying over water
Destroyed the ship with the number attached to it to upgrade your weapon
What the hell is that thing?
Round 4
Intermediate Boss
Nice Pattern
2nd Intermediate Boss
Round 5
Intermediate Boss
2nd Intermediate Boss
Round 6 Boss
Round 6 Final Boss