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Genesis 2 3.1
Wii 1 4.0
Combined User Score 3 3.4

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GenesisASM (Aktueller Software Markt)
Den Zusatz von Spielelementen des American Football über das „Kampfsportgeschehen“ hinaus soll wohl die Motivation und die Spannung erhöhen. Jedoch artet Wrestleball - ganz im Gegenteil zum Vorbild – leider nur zu einer wilden Hatz des Ballabjagens aus. Andauernd wechselt der Ball durch die Prügelei den Besitzer, gelungene und schnelle Spielzüge sind kaum möglich. Schade drum, denn die gute Grafik, die Zwei-Spieler-Option, der abspeicherbare Liga-Modus und der rundum gelungene Sound (FM. FX, Sprachausgabe und Samples) sprechen für ein abwechslungsreiches Spielgeschehen. Leider reduziert sich der Kampf um den Ball lediglich auf den Kampf Mann gegen Mann - und sogar dafür gibt‘s einen eigenen Spielmodus: „Battle Royal“.
Overall, I found Powerball to be fun, though it mostly shines in two-player mode. The AI, while challenging, is kind of cheap at times, and this made me kind of wary about starting a league. Also, the different teams don’t seem to vary much aside from the colors of their uniforms. While each does have its strengths and weaknesses, these can be virtually negated by using the bonus points before competing. It falls to the player to decide the strength of their particular team, which I suppose is a good thing. Those interested in a game made for quick and frenzied action might like Powerball, but those seeking more depth and charm will probably look elsewhere.
GenesisGamePro (US)
Powerball's a good looking game with killer moves. Spend a little time and you'll plow through the computer opposition in short time. Then only human players can give you a challenge. Powerball puts a lot of power at your fingertips.
And that's where Powerball ultimately lands – it's essentially an old-school Virtual Console version of one of the Wii's major first-party releases from last year. If you're a fan of "combat" sports titles that are over-the-top and unrealistic like Mario Strikers Charged, NBA Jam and (for the obscure reference of the day...) Bill Laimbeer's Combat Basketball, then Powerball could be 800 Wii Points well spent for you. But if you and your friends have already played Mario Strikers to death since last July, you're probably better off saving those digital dollars for another day.
WiiNintendo Life
On the whole Powerball is decent and well-rounded game, but beyond the competitive element in the 2 player mode there isn’t really too much longevity in the exhibition or league modes. It’s a shame a few bonus games weren’t included to mix things up a bit. Powerball isn’t as slick as Speedball 2 or perhaps as tactical as the John Madden series on the Megadrive but it is worth a look still just about.