PowerMonger Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

One of the intro frames.
The tile screen with credits.
The game and its interface.
Intro: Your scout returns to your castle.
Intro: The scout enters your castle.
Intro: Your scout's map.
Intro: Looking over the map, you are pleased.
The main menu.
Close up of a village.
We conquered the first island, now unto the rest of the world!
What to you conquer next?
My men attack a village.
You can click on any of the little guys in the game and get their info.
It's snowing.
Getting info on my new commander.
It's raining.

Atari ST version

Intro: the scout arrives
Intro: the lay of the land
Intro: the plot thickens
Intro: you have an idea
Intro: the troops move into action!
Starting a new game
Start menu
We'll take it over, one piece at a time!
Copy protection
My guys
The enemy
Plotting a route
Weather effects!

DOS version

Title Screen
Start Menu
The World You Will Play In
Copy Protection Screen
Main Game Screen
You have been defeated !

FM Towns version

Title screen
Intro in English
Beautiful view of the castle
The situation is grave, my lord...
I know only one way to solve all problems
The army departs
The map of the realm
I'm safe in my castle
It snows over the sea
Did I ask your help?..

Genesis version

Title screen
Playing the game
Enter a name
Main menu
An overhead view of the map
The loading screen
Starting out
The game informs the player to what each icon means
Getting detailed information
Getting information on a rival territory
In game menu
Game over

SEGA CD version

Title screen
Opening silent FMV-- apparently, the king is banishing you
Intro silent FMV-- you're not happy about being outcast
Helicopter camera pan of your command center
Generating game data
Name entry
Main menu
Main map
The main game screen

SNES version

Splash screen.
Intro: The scout arrives at the castle.
Intro: He walks to the master of the castle...
Intro: ...and presents him a map of the land.
Intro: The Powermonger is pleased.
Intro: He sends his troops into battle.
Title screen--much better than the splash screen, I must say.
First, enter your name.
The you go to the main menu.
Start a new conquest and you'll go to the world map.
map loading screen--much better than the splash screen, too.
The game interface.
Nice weather effects.
Even the game over screen looks nice!
Instructions to icons
Player's army