PowerMonger Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

One of the intro frames.
The tile screen with credits.
The game and its interface.
Intro: Your scout returns to your castle.
Intro: The scout enters your castle.
Intro: Your scout's map.
Intro: Looking over the map, you are pleased.
The main menu.
Close up of a village.
We conquered the first island, now unto the rest of the world!
What to you conquer next?
My men attack a village.
You can click on any of the little guys in the game and get their info.
It's snowing.
Getting info on my new commander.
It's raining.
Marching with my troops.
My fleet of boats crosses the waves.
Got a full range of additional generals.

Atari ST version

Intro: the scout arrives
Intro: the lay of the land
Intro: the plot thickens
Intro: you have an idea
Intro: the troops move into action!
Starting a new game
Start menu
We'll take it over, one piece at a time!
Copy protection
My guys
The enemy
Plotting a route
Weather effects!
Conquered one island!

DOS version

Title Screen
Start Menu
The World You Will Play In
Copy Protection Screen
Main Game Screen
You have been defeated !
A battle in progress. (VGA 256 Color)
It's snowing! (VGA 256 Color)
My troops are making bows at a workshop. (VGA 256 Color)
You can click on each little person and get their info. (VGA 256 Color)
Another general refuses my alliance deal! (VGA 256 Color)
Took over an island, now unto the rest of the game! (VGA 256 Color)
Intro - Oddly enough, the full intro is not shown if 256 color graphics mode is used! I guess the artists didn't want to convert the original 16 bit machine intro to 256 colors! (VGA 16 Color)
Intro - Spy enters hall. (VGA 16 Color)
Intro - Looking over map. (VGA 16 Color)
Intro - Let's go conquer the world! (VGA 16 Color)
Intro - My army marches forth to conquer the world! (VGA 16 Color)
Title screen. (VGA 16 Color)
Starting off on a hill. (VGA 16 Color)
It's raining. (VGA 16 Color)
My men in a village. (VGA 16 Color)
Completed one island! (VGA 16 Color)
Got four additional generals! (VGA 256 Color)
Intro - Spy riding to castle (EGA)
Intro - Spy entering the hall. (EGA)
Intro - Google Maps ain't got nothing on us! (EGA)
Intro - I feel like I could... Like I could... TAKE ON THE WORLD! (EGA)
Intro - My army marches of for conquest! (EGA)
Title screen (EGA)
World map (EGA)
Starting off on an island (EGA)
Marching to take a town (EGA)
Ocean side city (EGA)
Took over an island (EGA)
Forest (EGA)
Snow (EGA)
Rain... Rain... Go away, come back again some other day! (EGA)
Camping around a tower (EGA)
Got the full amount of extra generals (EGA)
Coming to attack a town with boats (EGA)

FM Towns version

Title screen
Intro in English
Beautiful view of the castle
The situation is grave, my lord...
I know only one way to solve all problems
The army departs
The map of the realm
I'm safe in my castle
It snows over the sea
Did I ask your help?..

Genesis version

Title screen
Playing the game
Enter a name
Main menu
An overhead view of the map
The loading screen
Starting out
The game informs the player to what each icon means
Getting detailed information
Getting information on a rival territory
In game menu
Game over

SEGA CD version

Title screen
Opening silent FMV-- apparently, the king is banishing you
Intro silent FMV-- you're not happy about being outcast
Helicopter camera pan of your command center
Generating game data
Name entry
Main menu
Main map
The main game screen

SNES version

Splash screen.
Intro: The scout arrives at the castle.
Intro: He walks to the master of the castle...
Intro: ...and presents him a map of the land.
Intro: The Powermonger is pleased.
Intro: He sends his troops into battle.
Title screen--much better than the splash screen, I must say.
First, enter your name.
The you go to the main menu.
Start a new conquest and you'll go to the world map.
map loading screen--much better than the splash screen, too.
The game interface.
Nice weather effects.
Even the game over screen looks nice!
Instructions to icons
Player's army