Powerslave Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

Lobotomy Software Inc
Title screen
Starting the game.
Shooting spiders. They'll leap on your head!
Shooting an exploding barrel...
Battle of the Mummies
Fighting mummies that use ranged energy attacks.
Fireball spewing gargoyle
Fun with a machine gun.
Fast flowing river
Swimming with the fishies...
Where there's lava, there's a chance you'll be up against one of these
Level map
Lava pit, be careful jumping over these, naturally
Guardians of Bast - they are forever teleporting all over the place
Not good
Don't know about you, but I wish I could leave ASAP.
Held a grenade for too long...
Broken beauty in front of me. Kinda similar to that painting in Blood, with a nun holding a baby, and the nun slowly faded into a skeleton.
Title screen (Powerslave).
Main menu.
Pressing Alt+C switches to the third person view mode.
The third-person view camera sometimes changes angles, allowing for interesting scenes like this.
The game also supports a high-resolution (640x400) mode.
Unlike later Build engine games, there is only a wireframe automap, without textures.
Kilmaat hive in one of the later levels.
In level 09 you have to go up a stream counter current.
Alien technology
The game's main feature is its huge levels with their interconnected and evolving layouts (moving sectors and walls, etc)

PlayStation version

Main menu
New-game intro
Level selection
Overlay map
Not much, but better than a knife.
The Pharaoh wishes to have a word with you.
A camel?
Stupid bugs
You may want to shoot him a bit more...

SEGA Saturn version

One of the intro scenes.
Title screen.
World map.
You will be pleasantly surprised to find out that the game runs at a very respectable framerate.
Knifing some spiders! w00t!
Inventory/pause screen.
Note the nice wall textures.
Having a little chat with a Pharaoh head.
Shooting some hawks... and from the context of the game I's assume they are mummified hawks.
Ooooh! The game features some pretty interesting water effects.
This is a level-end object. It looks oddly out of place on every level.
Nice! An even bigger gun!
You get to blow up some ancient Egyptian deities.
Some amazing dynamic lighting for a Saturn game!